Delurk LA, part 5: Metroblogs

dday_2_3.jpgFor my final post of National Delurking Week, I’d like to know what you want from us.

What type of post do you like best on Be as general or specific as you like (but please don’t be mean — I think it’s more constructive to say what you do like than to complain about what you don’t like). Name specific posts you liked, basic categories…whatever works for you.

I’ll start! I like the bad parking photos. I LOVED the Fictional Angelenos series. I like Sweatin’ Bullets, even though generally I’m not a huge fan of news posts unless they have a personal angle — though I do love when people post to find out what’s going on, like that rumor Travis posted about. Our readers sure seem to know everything! I like any post Brian Humphrey comments on. Going way back, I loved the posts about the Star Wars Nerds, which are what brought me to in the first place.

There’s more that I like. I am really quite fond of this site! But the whole point of this post is to find out what YOU like. So have at it! And if you read other Metroblogs, I’d love to know what some of your favorite types of posts might be that we don’t do — maybe we’ll start.

Prefer to talk about yourself? Have at it! In the first four posts of this series, you can tell us where you live, who you are, what you drive, and where you blog.

9 thoughts on “Delurk LA, part 5: Metroblogs”

  1. I’d like more of the personal accounts of events that somebody attended. It’s a lot more, I dunno, personalized and informative than reading the LA Weekly to decide where I want to go this weekend.

  2. Annika,

    I enjoy posts about music, comedy, food, and events in and around Los Angeles. Posts with photographs also grab my attention. What I like the most, are the comments from readers.

    Metro Blogging came to my attention from a post by Kevin Roderick, tracking back here from LAObserved, and I have been a regular user ever since. What makes this blog so attractive to myself is the diversity of the writers and different points of view. In addition, the lack of flaming here makes this blog peaceful, we can all agree to disagree now and then, but some take it too far.

    My online experience began with a service called Prodigy, this was before the Internet, and evolved into running my own BBS (bulletin board system). Talking about slow, our modems at the time ran at 2400 baud and made all those funny sounds while handshaking with remote computers. A one-megabyte text file would take one hour to upload or download, today with DSL it take a few seconds to move the same file.

    What was most gratifying about being a sysop (system operator) were the parties that the local sysop’s and myself would host for our users, and seeing the faces behind the names.

    I would enjoy meeting everyone from this blog one day, so why not throw a party?

    Stay warm if you can,

  3. I don’t particularly care for politics or advocacy and I’m bombarded by news most days, so I more enjoy the posts that are generally about Los Angeles, from an Angelenos’ point of view. Because that’s how I view this site. I tend to visit less around election time, though.

  4. Speaking of rumour posts, does anyone know what brought out eight police cars (from both Rampart & Northeast) and a helicopter to the corner of Effie & Silverlake last night at about 10:30?

  5. I agree with the above commenters. As a Brit obsessed with LA since I received a post card of Holly and Vine in 1954 from my Uncle Leslie on his way back to Sydney on Oriana, and I heard the movies were made there, I want to see pix of where things happen. I want to read what LA people say about LA.

    As a cyclist, I was impressed by the coverage of Ilya Pankin.

    Titchy Brit cities bleak me out. Expansive Yank cities, especially LA, fizz me up.

    The other site I check all the time is that of Wil Wheaton. I watched Next Generation at first because I loved his character and wanted to see Wes show the grown-ups how ageist they were. Then when Wes went weird and floated off, I watched because plots had improved well before then.

    Cy Quick at

  6. I like the local (meaning neighborhood) feel to the blog – if not my neighborhood (Echo Park) then other neighborhoods.

  7. Keep doing what you’re doing. I live in OC and read this LA blog religiously. It keeps me entertained and slightly informed on the “goings-on” in my original hometown. And you guys keep it regularly updated, something lacking from the OC blog.

  8. I love/miss “parking tards”. I see them often and wish I could contribute. I love that this site makes LA feel almost like a small town. I know that sounds kooky, but that’s how I feel. I also like that when I hear a headline on tv or the radio about some breaking news in LA, I can come here and know exactly what’s going on faster than waiting for the full story (for example, the plane crash in Van Nuys the other day…)

    Keep up the great work!

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