Comet McNaught off Pt. Vicente

The Man and the neighbors and I drove down to Pt. Vicente this afternoon to see what we could see. The biggest revelation was that we could see everything. It was so freakin’ clear that we could see Santa Barbara Island as well as details on Santa Catalina Island, all the way to Pt. Dume and of course the vast Santa Monica Bay and Pacific Ocean.

that little light smudge in the top third of the photo is the comet, that thing above the horizon on the water is Santa Barbara Island

We went because I’d read that the Comet McNaught was visible just above the horizon after sunset so we figured the ocean provided a nice horizon line.

(Oh, and the whale watch census folks saw seven whales going south today … though none while we were there from around 4PM until about 6PM. Yeah, it was a little cold, but we dressed properly.

After we stopped at the Starbucks where I had some marginally drinkable hot chocolate but have to admit they have the best view (and firepit) ever.

3 thoughts on “Comet McNaught off Pt. Vicente”

  1. That is a really cool picture. Except for the smudge. Ha! J/K! I dig these post on your whale watching adventures, etc. I’ve never been whale watching per say, but have had some cool experiences on my bike when dolphins swim in tandem and cruise the coast at about the same speed as me in Santa Monica. I’d like to get to the Channel Islands some time this year. If you got anything to write about that or your experiences there I’d be reading with glee. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Coffee Burt! I love how close in the dolphins come on the local beaches. (There’s a guy on flickr that catches shots of the dolphins catching the waves with surfers.)

    I’d love to take another trip to the Channel Islands soon too – I’ve only been to the Anacapas but maybe this summer I’ll do one of those kayak trips around San Miguel.

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