Animal Services debuts “Fact Vs. Rumor”, or so its called

dogshelter.jpgThe City of Los Angeles Animal Services department has taken to posting entries from Encarta’s dictionary to lead their new Fact vs. Rumor page, an effort that this writer can’t decide is either juvenile or sophmoric. (and by the way, your tax dollars pay for the people who not only thought this was a smart thing to do, but also had to take the time to make this).

The first subject of this new section is titled “Rumor #1: Stu did not receive a fair hearing”, which lacks a summary of the specifics of the rumor in question, but involves a dog being put to sleep after a dog biting incident.

Regardless, while it sounds like Animal Services may have followed all the proper legal channels that lead to Stu’s euthanization, whether or not a dog received a fair hearing would fall under opinion, and not rumor, regardless of how many facts are laid out.

Of course, thats just my opinion.

Or rumor.

h/t LA Observed… photo by francography

One thought on “Animal Services debuts “Fact Vs. Rumor”, or so its called”

  1. Did Lt Quigley of Long Beach Animal Control write up that spin? What joy do they get giving animals death sentence?

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