Starlight, starbright, first comet I see tonite.

cometmcnaught.jpgA comet that space observers had more or less blown off, has suddenly “brightened far beyond expectation” and has been visible from the Southern California sky for the past few days. Tomorrow night will be your last (and since we’re late to post the news, possibly only) chance to get a glimpse:

To find it, first find the bright planet Venus, visible 15 degrees high in the southwest at sunset. Use binoculars and scan just above the west southwest horizon and to the lower right of Venus… On Saturday, the comet sets at 5:25 p.m., so you will want to look as soon as the sun is below the horizon.

This is from the Griffith Observatory’s weekly Sky Report, which, in addition to more details on the comet, informs us that if you have a reservation you can view this other extraterrestrial activity from their telescopes.

Flickr, surprisingly, also currently has over 359 pictures tagged “comet mcnaught”.

…photo by…Thanks to Metroblogging reader Omar for the tip!

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  1. Why “surprisingly”? Astronomy buffs are going nuts about this comet – the brightest in many people’s lifetimes. Honestly I’m surprised there aren’t more photos. I caught a glimpse last night and it was awesome.

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