Offshore Report (January 12th)

dolphinicon.gif88 Gray Whales have been spotted passing Pt. Vicente since December 1st. Three cow/calf pairs so far and six northbound whales (the rest southbound).

Not all migrating whales go all the way to Baja and the lagoons for mating & calving. Some juveniles (probably pre-breeding age) only go partway and are reported consistently in the winter up and down the West Coast just mingling around and may account for the early northbound reports.

dolphinicon.gifIt’s dolphins a-go-go as all five common species are being sited regularly in the past week: Common Dolphins (long-beaked & short-beaked), Bottlenose, Pacific White Sided & Risso’s Dolphins. (The Risso’s were even spotted being uncharactaristically acrobatic about a quarter mile off Pt. Vicente on Tuesday.)

dolphinicon.gifThe Fin Whales that have been hanging around in the channel have not been spotted by the ACS Census since Monday, though they were close enough in on Sunday for the Voyager out of Redondo Beach to go out and watch the group of two (possibly with a calf) feeding.

I’m heading out on Monday afternoon at 1:30 PM on the Voyager out of Redondo Sportfishing. The chilly/windy snap should pass by then (usually leaving excellent clear skies). If you’ve got the day off, why not come out to sea!

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2 thoughts on “Offshore Report (January 12th)”

  1. Excellent news Don! I like morning boats a lot, the wind and seas are usually calmer. However, in January the afternoon boats are timed for an excellent sunset just as you arrive back at the dock (the boat is also free to stay out a little longer if you see something) and there are other boats reporting sightings.

    Totally up to you but whichever you chose, be sure to post your photos and let me know so I can link to them!

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