Man Panties!

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I shit you not, I was at Neiman Marcus yesterday and I found at least one display featuring these Man Panties.

Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and others designers, and I’m sorry to add that I failed to check the price tags so I have no idea how crazy expensive these are.

So tell me: What kind of man would wear such a thing?

11 thoughts on “Man Panties!”

  1. Ha! Actually, some of those look like swim suits. I detect some draw strings in that photo. I suppose I should leave room for the option that there is such a thing as men’s underwear with a draw string these days. You never know.

    As for what type of man would wear them, I can attest from many visits to the gym that you’d be surprised just who wears what under their clothes.

    Actually, the black ones with the blue stripe don’t look entirely unpleasant. =)

  2. ummmm…not me but then again I don’t do boxers either for other reasons. not checking the price tag is a sin pal but one mans waste of money is anothers sinful pleasure (fetish?) where cost is no object…I’ll wait fot them to show up at Marshalls after the last call is over

  3. I know I’m super late on this posting, but is a wonderful place for men to get very frilly panties, if they so desire. Some friends and I actually bought a pair for another friend’s birthday. Nothing says manly like silk and ruffles on the butt!

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