Delurk LA: blog edition

dday_button_copy.jpgYou all! I am blown away by the response to the first three posts in my Delurking series. And I am so impressed at how many of you drive stick. I really thought it was just me and my friend Laurie Ann.

Seriously, I am astonished by how many comments the posts have gotten. readers sure like to talk about themselves! And to that end…

Do you have a blog? I want to read it! Please leave the link and a brief description in the comments.

And while you’re here, I’d like to know about some of your must-reads. Los Angeles blogs, personal blogs, whatever sites you are reading. (Brief descriptions of these would be great, too, if you are so inclined.)


(Hat tip to David Markland for suggesting today’s delurking topic.)

25 thoughts on “Delurk LA: blog edition”

  1. I do! I do! Caroline on Crack, where I review stuff to do and see around L.A. Just stuff I like or don’t like though.

    Must-reads include this fine blog, LAist, Flavorpill, CalendarLive, and Basically all LA-centric and interesting as hell.

    Thanks for allowing me to talk about myself. ;)

  2. Me too! Me too! I have my personal blog which I must admit…is extremely lame. I tend to post silly things and bitch…ALOT. When I have time that is. I also have a fetish for taking pictues of odd or wonderus supermarket items. Which reminds me to upload some…

    My morning reads tend to be this wonderful site, Boing Boing, Neatorama, Mental Floss, Engadget, and Chowhound.

    I look forward to seeing everybody else’s blog now.

  3. My blog is called The Los Angeles Times Pressmen’s Twenty Year Club, and can be found by clicking on my name, which actually takes one to my webpage, just click on the blog link. Former pressmen from the newspaper are able to stay current with all the ado at the LA Times and the Tribune Company. In addition, I share personal adventures and opinions with my readers, take a peek.

    I read LAObserved, LA Biz Observed, Take Back the Times, Metro Blogging, Ace of Spades, Little Green Footballs, LAist, LA Cowboy.

    Annika, thanks for allowing us to plug our blogs.

  4. Ugh. I am so predictable. I also like Metroblogging, Franklin Ave., Laist and of course, LA Observed. I also enjoy BeFrank (my coworker!), Cathy Seipp, Ask The Recruiter (a journalism-related blog now hosted by Poynter), Romenesko and MediaBistro’s daily digest of news (if you could call that a blog).

    My blogs include darleeneisms and my slightly off-the-wall spinoff called Wedding Decorator. I also have several anonymous ones, but, heh, those are anonymous.

  5. Count me in! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with more than one blog — why have 1 when you can have 3?
    is about books and reading — big passions in my life
    was started while I was working in Mexico City last summer and I haven’t wanted to stop
    my latest is:
    this one is brand new and geared toward people who grew up on Maui (like me) but who now live on the mainland (or around the world)

    My day starts with this site, then boing boing, cute overload, There will be sprinkligs of Not Martha and apartment therapy LA, go fug yourself, defamer, postsecret and

    Thanks for letting me shout myself out!

  6. My blog is called “En Wino, Veritas,” which documents my friends and my attempts to get our movies made and the stuff that happens along the way, like winning a trip to Jamaica on a gameshow only to take said trip during Hurricane Rita or my daily trevails getting coffee for my boss or my ongoing war with my neighbor over parking spots…the entire gambit of the LA experience.

    My daily reads are Metroblogging LA, Laist and Go Fug Yourself.

  7. I have a blog that’s kind of dead now.
    My ex wife had been threatening to use the posts against me in court to limit my visits with my son, so I haven’t posted in awhile. The posts from 2006 were an ongoing novel, the posts from 05 were just things about my daily life.
    As long as I’m getting a free plug, I’ve got a novel that cqn be found on Amazon: Lovesong for the Bad Priestess.

  8. Just so y’all know, comments with more than 5 links get held for moderation. I’m approving them all, so don’t worry! They just have to wait for me to see them.

  9. I thought about writing a blog, but I think I’m too private. Or I’m just really, really lazy.

    My (other) daily reads are The Mac Observer, Tom’s Hardware Guide, Groklaw, BigBlueLounge (formerly OSXaudio), Television Without Pity, and Go Fug Yourself. I occasionally read The Register, Gearslutz, VI Control, iLounge, Thom Hogan’s website, Chowhound (and I keep an eye on the development of Rameniac’s new website), and Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog.

    Off and on I look for a place to talk to other musicians, especially percussionists. Musicians’ messageboards tend to suck really hard though.

  10. I started blogging about a year *before* I moved to LA in 2000. I’ve got a “Los Angeles” category and often tag neighborhoods (e.g. Westwood, Beverly Hills, Silverlake) when I’m posting about eating or otherwise haunting them.

    My blogroll is way, way too long to begin detailing here; there’s at least 40 that I check multiple times each day, including your site.

  11. I used to have a soccer blog (mostly about the LA Galaxy) then I stopped a month ago…and now Beckham’s coming!

  12. My blog is Glossed Over, where I write about (okay, make fun of) fashion magazines.

    And I read a ton of other sites. My must-reads are Gawker, Feministing, Go Fug Yourself, Gothamist (I miss NYC!), and L.A. Observed.

  13. well if you’re going to openly solicit self-serving comments, i’ll be happy to give you a self-serving comment.

    all about raising a pair of wiseass 5 year old twins while working in tv and (now) prepping for the arrival of another kid.

    it reads a hell of a lot better than i’ve described it.

  14. Why yes, I do have a blog, indeed. It’s called geezohpetes!, because I’m from the Midwest, and that’s quite a common saying among the folk there (me included). My blog is about my reactions to life, love, loathe, law (I finished law school), and Los Angeles. You know, your run of the mill bitter 20something. But it’s funny sometimes. I promise.

    What blogs do I read? Well, I’m not the type of girl to kiss and tell. But I’ll tell you one thing – I read this blog ;)

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