David Beckham Joins LA Galaxy

289819743_d35f5a1926_m.jpgIf you have no idea who the LA Galaxy are, and you’ve never heard of David Beckham then you are just confirming stereotypes that the rest of the world has about Americans. For those who do know, this is crazy huge news. Since Beckham is the Pele of the 2000’s and the US based Major League Soccer (of which the Galaxy is one of two LA teams) is kind of the red headed step child in the world of football. No, the other kind of Football. Geez people, get with it! Anyway, he’s leaving Madrid and joining us here in LA. Apparently he’s signed a 5 year contract. As interesting as this is, and as much press as it’s going to get everywhere in the world, I’m guessing next week most people in LA have forgotten about it.
(photo by zstephen, thanks Shane!)

18 thoughts on “David Beckham Joins LA Galaxy”

  1. Isn’t that the soccer player from the UK that lent his name to the movie “Bend it Like Beckham” a few years ago? Interesting move it it is, imagine a world class talent here and maybe that will be enough to make it a big business sport and put it on everyones radar.

  2. I’m looking forward to it. I used to work at AEG Live and was super excited about just having the Beckham Academy here at Home Depot Center. I hope now he will get way more playing time so we can see him bend it. I had never seen him bend it live until this last world cup and if you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat.

  3. Get the shit on TV and I’ll watch. And by TV I don’t mean 5 seconds of highlights via Fred Rogin.

  4. He’ll become a washed-up Steve Nicol in no time, mark my words. After being ousted from the England team, he’s nowhere to go but west, and it’s a corker of a deal, how could he say no? It’s being touted as one of the most lucrative deals in football history. He’ll be good press for the MLS, who wish they were on a level playing fields with the Europeans and South Americans, not to mention that Becks’ Soccer Academy is right in L.A….as for Posh – prepare for the battle of the plastics.

  5. OMG these comments are hysterical! Now to add to the hysteria…. there are two things that will come out of David Beckham moving to LA.

    1) A new celebrity for me to stalk
    2) A new restraining order against me.

    Best day EVER!!

  6. Whoah…Beckham the Pel√© of the 2000s? As good as he was early on this decade, that’s giving him too much credit.

    Frazgo, having Beckham here is no guarantee of anything. How quickly people have forgotten Johan Cruyff playing for the Aztecs here in LA, in the NASL, to say nothing of the likes of Pel√©, Beckenbauer and Eus√©bio, all of whom closed out their careers here in the US. All four of those players were giants of the sport–Pel√© still being THE giant, with Cruyff and Beckenbauer not far behind–and that didn’t seem to do anything for soccer here.

    But let’s hope the MLS can continue to grow!

  7. I’m saddened that Becks career possibilites have ended in the Premiership but excited that his signing to the MLS will perhaps give American football (NOT soccer) a much needed boost.

    There is a great deal of potential in the American market and Becks is not foolish, he sees the potential and the opportunity to leave his mark on the game in this country.

    I’ve always been a fan of Beckham. On and off the pitch he’s always been a class act. Yes, he’s had his share of scandal but he’s always handle it with grace. He’s a true team player and a family man. How many celeb couples in L.A. have made it to the 10 yr mark.

    The U.S. should be delighted.
    They’ll have a handsome international superstar who’s appeal will be much greater than the average professional athelete.

    He will not throw tantrums, cause disention within him team, get shot, be arrested or test positive for drugs on a weekly basis. That will be a novelty in itself for US professional sports and the media.

    Well done Becks and welcome.

    I’m an Arsenal fan by the way!

  8. So Beckham’s going to be teach classes at Home Depot? I thought he was some kind of soccer player, not a tool guy.

    Hah, that actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

    Anyway, I’m actually looking forward to this. Maybe I’m being a bit optimistic at the moment, but it could be a good thing for the MLS.

  9. Sorry, rockchelseagirl, but American football needs no boost. Not even in Los Angeles, where there isn’t a pro team – but then, who needs the NFL when you have the USC Trojans? I’ll take a cute, young, career ahead of him John David Booty over a has been who’s led around by the nose by his Skeletor wife like David Beckham.

    Oh, and you’d think a Brit would know that soccer is a British term, short for “association football.” So you see, by using the term soccer Americans ARE calling it football but in an abbreviated manner, much like you like to call Beckham by the rather girly diminuitive “Becks.” (But then, the Brits are the ones who like to use French words such as aubergine when the perfectly English word eggplant exists, so it’s their use of “football” to denote soccer that is rather suspect, IMO.)

    Beckham is coming to LA because Posh wants to be a big star like her dear friends TomKat and JLo, not because Beckham has any illusion about making any difference in US version of the sport. How can he? He’s past his prime as a player. The England team know it – he’s been booted off. Real Madrid know it – he’s been an expensive benchwarmer for them and they’re thrilled to be rid of him.

    I predict that Beckham and Posh find themselves back in Blighty before the five years are up, tails between their legs, when Victoria realizes that not only did she fail to crack the US market, she’s an object of open derision for her obvious pretentions.

    Meanwhile, I wish the MLS would spend its money instead on home-growing stars like Freddie Adu. That is a MUCH better use of their cash.

  10. Even local fans of the Galaxy call the game Football, or mostly Futbol for that matter, rather than soccer, that’s a term for broadcasters, corporate employees, and little suburban kids. If Americans are going to learn to love the game they need to get in line with the rest of the world, none of this going it alone anymore. That kind of thinking gave us those dreadful first years where the game ended by the clock on the wall, and ties that had to be broken by shootouts, what a disaster!

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