Trans Fat Ban in LA?

200px-Fat-Conformation-Trans.gifLA County supervisors are exploring whether or not to ban trans fats (from partially hydrogenated oils) in restaurants.

Many fast food restaurants have been working to remove trans fat from their regular menu items, though it seems clear that the taste and texture we’ve come to expect from deep-fried goodies will suffer. Starbucks is planning to wipe trans fat from their baked goods as well.

More recently I’ve noticed restaurants taking it upon themselves to announce their trans fat state. At Astro on Fletcher on Saturday I noticed a sign at the registered that said they used only corn or canola oil. Yesterday at lunch I also noticed a sign in the window at Luna Park on La Brea announcing similiarly that they use no trans fat in their cooking. (They also seemed to do pretty well with my co-worker’s nut allergy.)

Other cities like New York and Chicago have taken an active role in what can and can’t be served at restaurants. The FDA has also required that anything more than a half a gram of trans fat in a serving must be declared on labels since January of ’06.

Here’s a site all about the campaign to ban trans fats: and here’s the first link I found on google in defense of trans fats (actually, it doesn’t defend trans fats, just government limitations of them).

3 thoughts on “Trans Fat Ban in LA?”

  1. Texture: perhaps. Taste: not really. Trans-fats aren’t very tasty. Think Crisco instead of butter. Their only advantages are being cheap, firm at room temperature, and long shelf-life. So you’re donut may cost an extra nickle, but it’ll be fresher and more flavorful without the trans fats.

  2. I’d think our elected officials would have something better to do than worry about how my fries are prepared.

    Here’s a suggestion, rather than waste their time (and my tax dollars) talking about how fries should be cooked why don’t our city supervisor’s start thumbing through all the DMV records and find the 25-40% of Los Angeles residents that drive without insurance. I’d much rather have my insurance rates drop by weeding out all the deadbeats than know I can eat healthier fries.

    On the upside, it’s always good to be reminded why I’m a Libertarian.

  3. Wait! Cancel that comment. Can I get 2.7 million if I eat food with trans-fats served in a Los Angeles government building. I mean come on, the humiliation of heart disease, people knowing my hearts all diseased and making fun of me? I think I had some fries last time I served jury duty.

    Oh the shame, the humiliation, they called me “big diseased heart dog”…. Do I get my 2.7 million now

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