LAPD Officer Cleared In Devin Brown Shooting

The last time I mentioned Devin Brown here was almost a year ago when the Police Commission sided against the department and said that the shooting was not justified. The shooting itself, back in February 2005 was discussed in pretty great detail all over town. In the Summer of 2005 an LAPD sanction reenactment proved that Officer Steven Garcia was not in any immediate danger when he shot 13 year old Devin Brown 7 times.

You’ll remember that Devin was driving a car which had been reported stolen and the initial reports were that he was trying to run over officers attempting to stop him. The investigation confirmed suspicions that he was trying to back away from a fence he’d run into. Anyway, yesterday in a closed door meeting the LAPD Disciplinary board decided Officer Garcia was justified in his actions, reversing the earlier decision by the Police Commission. John Mack, president of the Police Commission says “he and his colleagues have been undermined.” I imagine this won’t be the final chapter in this very unfortunate situation.