Did anyone heard about this murder on Poinsettia?

riddler.JPGThis is kind of a weak post because I don’t have too many hard facts. But I’m hoping someone out there did hear the real deal and can fill me in on what went down. Here’s what I know…

Yesterday, the police yellow-taped off an apartment building down the block from me, which is on Poinsettia just between Fountain and Sunset. My neighbor Rick (who by the way knows everything, including which Dylan records are the best) informed me that some guy had killed his wife and then tried to cover up the murder by lighting his apartment on fire. Anyone see anything about this on TV or web news? I’ve searched all over and can’t find anything…

3 thoughts on “Did anyone heard about this murder on Poinsettia?”

  1. What can I say? I got mad web-scouring skillz!

    Actually, I used to live over on Vista until about a month and a half ago. My wife’s coworker still lives in the area and mentioned the police tape, etc, and asked if we’d heard anything. Then, separately, I saw the headline for the man “killing his girlfriend” on KCAL’s site, but didn’t read it. When I saw your post I put two and two together, went back and checked out the article, and found that it was the incident in question.

  2. bing bing. wow you guys just pulled a mad columbo. good sleuthing.. i too live in the area

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