Sweatin’ Bullets (1/9/06): The Center of the Universe

While LA Voice tries to discover the center of Los Angeles, Hubculture has decided that Los Angeles itself is the Center of the Universe: “a place where innovation, change and vibe combine to create the place of the moment.” I really can’t argue with that. (h/t LA.com)

And speaking of the universe, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena just released its 2006 “Year In Pictures”, including shots from Mars and the Hubble Telescope (as seen here).

I always wonder why she calls herself Caroline on Crack. Then I read todays post about how she willfully spent over $1500 for table service at Shag.

A number of L.A. food blogs get mentioned by the LA Times, leading me to my new favorite, Teenage Glutster, written by a 17 year old “freakishly tall” Alhambra High School student.

LA Curbed provides, for free, a mockup of what a proposed park over the 101 Freeway would look like (City Council approved spending $100,000 for a feasibility study).

That guy that cut you off in traffic, flipped you the bird, and then evaded all efforts to hunt down for a tongue lashing? That was Anti, and he’s got his non-apologetic side of the story at LAist.

3 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (1/9/06): The Center of the Universe”

  1. thanks for the JPL mention! since i worked on one the missions involved, i just want to point out that the image you posted is from not only hubble, but also two of hubble’s sister space telescopes, the chandra xray observatory and spitzer space telescope. The images combine to show a view from many wavelengths, xray through infrared.

    spizter was designed by those smart folks at JPL. daily science operations happen at caltech. see http://www.spitzer.caltech.edu/spitzer/index.shtml for more pretty pictures and interesting science.

    every one is invited to come up to la ca√±ada in may for JPL’s open house weekend.

  2. Heh, I may be on crack but I ain’t kuh-razee. I got all the other party people to fork over some cash for that bottle service. BTW, thanks for the mention! Love you guys.

  3. They forgot to mention another newcomer to the food blog world. Dig Lounge, wink wink. OK OK, Im not all about food.

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