Is oil giant B.P. launching eco-friendly gas stations in L.A.?

While scrolling the job boards at Craigs List today, I saw a posting for an assistant manager at a “green” gas station called “Helios House” soon to open at the corner of Olympic and Robertson.

Not your ordinary gas station, Helios House is an innovative and green information station, built in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

The mission – to impact our customers’ experience both on and off the site! We are recruiting smart, ethical, conscientious team members to educate consumers about taking small steps in the right direction to help reduce their impact on the environment.

A search of the internet for a Helios House gas station was all but dry, but I did discover a comment made on Treehugger that provides more info, albeit with skepticism, on the venture’s purpose:

There is a gas station being built in LA by BP that goes under the name Helios House. What is the name of the BP symbol…it’s a Helios. This gas station will focus on providing it’s patrons with eco-friendly information. Which all sounds good but all the while they will be dishing out good ol’ gasoline. And being heavily subsidized while they do it.

(The post that preceded this comment is about California universities participation in the British Petroleum backed Helios Project, just announced by Schwazenegger, that could provide a $95 million grant for researching “sustainable, carbon neutral sources of energy.”)

Another search for “eco-friendly gas stations” found a certification program in Maine that gives stations that meet or exceed enviornmental regulations (isn’t this just following the law?) bragging rights and the opportunity to display a flag that proclaims them “Enviornmental Leaders.” Other results come from international locations, but nothing else in California or the US.

Does anyone else know what Helios House is?

NOTED: Late last November, CurbedLA posted about the construction, and a commenter filled them in on a “‘Green’ Gas Station for British Petroleum. The project being designed by Boston based architecture firm Office dA under the guidance of BP’s advertising agency to do some ecological PR repair for the energy company.”

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  1. It got a mention on curbed last month. But less info than you’ve already provided. I know that there’s a BP station in Chicago with solar panels which cuts down on grid electric use, although it’s got a much clearer southern exposure than does the Olympic/Robertson location.

  2. a friend of mine is the person hired to fill the job listing/posted that listing…

    oh its real…

    my friend asked me if i knew anyone who wants to work there… the job is just more talking about low emission light bulbs and less about pumping gas…

    uh. i voluntarily gave up my car and i won’t recommend anyone to sell BP gas.


    “The new [green] logo is part of a rebranding exercise – which includes offering internet access at petrol stations – which the company hopes will boost profits.


    Chief executive John Browne said: “It’s all about increasing sales, increasing margins and reducing costs at the retail sites.”

  3. This morning as I went past, the big door was open. The old Thrifty Station is completely gone and it looks like they’re finishing up the foundation work for the new station and probably have the old underground tanks refitted/replaced.

  4. The real question here is — David, why’re you wading through the job boards? Your web-sleuthing (a real word?) skills on this post alone should be a real sell —

    In any case — Thanks for bringing the many disparate lil tidbits on Helios House together! It fascinates me — and makes me more pessimistic about corporate social responsibility in general —

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