I found out they know how to party at Erewhon

IMG00045.jpgI unexpectedly found out yesterday that they really know how to party it up at the Erewhon Natural Foods Market on Beverly. I went into that hippy hang out to get some good food and medicine to combat this insane flu I’ve had for weeks now and discovered a live mariachi band complete with a horn section jamming it out near the tonic bar! Check out the dude with his guitar slung low as fuck, he was my favorite… you know that guys slays chicks. I guess it was someone’s birthday who worked there and the live band was their present… (one more photo of the band after the jump)


4 thoughts on “I found out they know how to party at Erewhon”

  1. Are you talking about the guy with the guitarron? Cause that’s how you hold it. Or is the guy with the cuatro, whose instrument doesn’t seem that low to me.

  2. They party harder across the street at that massage parlor, I’ve heard. …at least on the guys’ side in the steam room.

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