Epitaph Wants You

Epitaph_Records_logo.jpgWell, maybe. What they want is a new full time publicist, so if that is your deal and you are looking for a new gig then yes they want you. If you aren’t a publicist and don’t know anything about then chances are they really don’t want you. More specifically, they are looking for someone who has “previous PR experience or working knowledge of music media, is internet savvy and self-motivated. Stong writing and verbal skills are a must. We are looking for someone who is creative and outgoing, as well as passionate and open-minded about new music. ” It probably wouldn’t hurt if you already knew about Epitaph as well and it might win you some points if you happened to like the stuff they do over there. I’ve been a fan since buying How Could Hell Be Any Worse from a little record shop in Tampa back in the mid eighties and I tried to follow many of their footsteps when I started putting out records of my friends bands a few years later – as you might guess that didn’t work out so hot for me but Epitaph has kept on keeping on and still put out fantastic music every day. How much they are willing to pay depends on how much you’ve done in the past so if you are interested drop them a line.

Requirements: The person in this position must be able to use existing and developing media relationships to expose our artists; write press releases and other copy; search out media opportunities in print, on the internet and on television; and manage numerous projects simultaneously.

Contact: Please submit resume and a brief writing sample to [email protected]