Delurk, part 2

delurk2_3.jpgHey, LA! It is still National Delurking Week!

By reader request, today I’d like you to share whatever demographical information you’re comfortable putting out there. Age, marital status, whether you have kids, field of study if you’re in school, profession if you’re in one, etc.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for America.

24 thoughts on “Delurk, part 2”

  1. I’m WeHo, Miracle Mile and Bev Hills ADJ (we don’t have a good acronym yet). San Diego by way of Washington State. No kids to speak of, apart from myself part of the time. Early 30s. Music biz.

  2. married, no kids (yet), turning 40 on Saturday the 13th. Writer, blogger, reader (books are still #1!) and future filmmaker/director.

  3. married, no kids (yet), turning 40 on Saturday the 13th. Writer, blogger, reader (books are still #1!) and future filmmaker/director.

    West-sider from way back, Hawaii originally.

  4. 33, living w/ gf, VP of IT, corner of Olympic and Overland and still haven’t figured out if that means I’m in Westwood or not

  5. 38
    Divorced, 1 son (7 years old). Also, 1 dog (boxer).

    I’ve done a lot of things, most of them PR/marketing/event production related, but am currently unemployed. Anyone have a job?

  6. 25! Definitely, definitely, not married but hopefully one day before I turn into a cat lady.

    No kids! WHEE.

    TV, of course. I follow orders.

  7. 29, engaged, 4 furry kids (3 dogs, 1 cat), Marketing, Marina del Rey

    For the person (Samba00) looking for a job, what exactly are you looking for? The company I work for is very large and always hiring.

  8. 29, lonely (that’s single), no kids, G’dale, and I’m a cinetographer, photographer, college professor, and full time horrible speller.

    Now I’m looking forward to flirting with M above.

  9. Jill,

    Short answer: anything.

    Longer answer: I was most recently the manager of an art gallery in West Hollywood, a job I took in search of personal fulfillment. While it was indeed fulfilling personally, it was not so financilly. I have a lot of experience in event marketing and production, as well as a PR and graphic design background. I really enjoyed my work in marketing, so I would like to get back into it.

    If you’d like, you can e-mail me at samba00 at gmail and I will send you my resume. Needless to say, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  10. 22 in a couple weeks. Single. Urban Studies and Planning major, Anthropology minor, at Cal State Northridge.

  11. 33.

    Married, no kids, one amazingly bratty cat.

    Graduate Student in the Molecular Biology program at UCLA.


  12. Oh my gosh, Annika took my suggestion! So now I have to respond.

    25, not married, no kids no pets, apartment-dwelling, grad student in “information studies” which used to be called library school.

  13. Ok, fine… here it is… Divorced 11 years, no kids, no pets. I am a self-employed licensed architect, percussionist and (bad) karaoke singer, and an insomniac from time to time. I live in the Fashion District Downtown and also have a house in the mountains – for my weekend clean air and tree fixes, and I am 39. Weekdays find me taking a long walk at lunch hour through Downtown.

  14. 25. Asian American. Married with two cats and no kids. In History PhD program at UCLA but definitely looking to get out and try something different!

  15. 32yrs old, single, no kids (2 dogs), live in a home in the valley, undergrad major Psychology, started out in politics/social services, currently in IT, will be starting school next week (Part-time MBA)

  16. Oldest! have to say I just turned 58 and depend on this site for interesting stuff to do, esp. art and music: married, 2 kids almost out of HS, business owner (publishng) and a painter by inclination. LOVE, love, love LA (live Los Feliz-ish/Hollywood)!

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