Bruthas with Bruthas…

IMG00056.jpgSaw this billboard in the Rite Aid parking lot today on La Brea and Santa Monica and had to post it because I’m confused on it’s meaning. What exactly does “Bruthas with Bruthas” mean? Is that slang for a barber? What does having aids have to do with cutting hair? Someone fill me in here…

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  1. I know you’re being facetious, but “bruthas” is an acceptable spelling of the word. An annoying spelling, in my opinion, but an acceptable one in any case.

  2. By “bruthas” they are probably referring to the term “undercover brothers/undercover brothas/undercover bruthas” (which is slang for African American men who have unprotected sex with men and women but keep that information the down low). As for the image of the barber shop, I’m guessing that the PSA is trying to spread awareness that AIDS/HIV is a disease that now affects everyone in the black community because of the lack of responsibility of undercover brothers.

  3. Ariel I think you’re reading too deep in to it… I am pretty sure they just mean African-American Males who sleep with other African-American Males. From what I can see in the photo there aren’t any women in the ad.

  4. Ok, I actually thought you were just goofing around. But yes, that ad was placed by APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles) in response to the overwhelmingly large number of new HIV infections that are counted annually in LA among black men. Black women are still the largest growing population of new HIV infections- but guess where they’re getting it from?

    As for “bruthas,” the spelling again, quite silly, (“brotha” is preferred, I assume) but is trying to get the point across that black men need to talk to other black men about the crisis.

  5. A number oh HIV/AIDS prevention and outreach programs are starting to train black barbers/hairdressers to be peer counselors/teachers. The primary justification for this is that HIV is spreading faster amoung African-Americans than any other group in the US. I know of programs in NYC and Nashville…so I’m sure there is something similar in LA.

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