What You Say!!

A day late and countless dollars short. Rather than blogging yesterday I met up with Will Campbell and a few other people and punched holes in paper. That was good stuff. Anyway, here’s what everyone else is talking about.

  • All California Starbucks are required by law to have public restrooms – David Markland can’t hold it any longer and digs up the building codes that require places like Starbucks to provide restrooms. The comments include a lot of info about how these rules apply to existing locations vs. newly constructed ones. The biggest issue is at the moment you still need to find somewhere else to go.
  • Who Will She Choose? – Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a plane writing “who will she choose?” WTF? Jillian asks, you answer.
  • Best New Restaurant In The Eastside Echo Park/Silverlake…? – Lucinda Michele throws more gas on the east side west side battles. Lines have been drawn.
  • More Insipid?! – Sorry everyone, it turns out this site totally sucks. Yep. Sorry to be the one to tell you. Guess you should go read something with more substance.
  • Captive Consumers on Airlines – More ads you can’t avoid?! Cybele find some, and then finds the people selling them. Captive is right.