Have You Seen Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia?

This Friday night, perhaps to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the last time she walked Hollywood Blvd., local legends say the ghost of Elizabeth Short will be seen again, gliding “eerily along between Argyle and Cherokee…”

Perhaps she will be found in the Frolic Room or Pig and Whistle, or just cruising the boulevard. This spectral figure carries a basket of flowers, and will give one to anyone who calls her by her true name, Elizabeth.

Rumor also goes that one of these flowers can be used to gain passage on a Sunday busride to the very spot her severed body was found way back in 1947…

And this Thursday night, perhaps as way to raise her spirit, a candlelight vigil in Miss Short’s memory will be held downtown, starting at Regent Galleries, the site of an art exhibit she inspired, where the night walk will return for a screening of Ramzi Abed’s “Black Dahlia Movie”.

For more information on this and other happenings coinciding with the 60th Anniversary of the Black Dahlia’s death (or birth, depending on your frame of mind) check out The 1947 Project.

previous coverage of the Black Dahlia’s Lost Weekend…scanned headline from David Zellaby on Flickr…

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