Delurk, LA!

alien.pngIt’s National Delurking Week!

To celebrate, I ask readers to share a little bit about themselves. You may share whatever you like, but there are a few things I’d especially like to know:

  • Do you live in LA?
  • If yes, what neighborhood?
  • If no, where do you live?
  • Are you from LA originally?
  • What is your relationship with LA? (e.g. you have a child living here)

I’ll have another set of questions tomorrow. I encourage readers to email me with suggestions of things they’d like to know about each other.

42 thoughts on “Delurk, LA!”

  1. * Do you live in LA? Yes…ish.
    * If yes, what neighborhood? South Pasadena (though I just moved here from near USC and before that I lived in the Miracle Mile and before that, I lived in Van Nuys next to Zankou Chicken)
    * If no, where do you live?
    * Are you from LA originally? NOPE. Moved here from Michigan/Chicago.
    * What is your relationship with LA? (e.g. you have a child living here) Just absolutely love it here.

  2. I live in West Hollywood, in the Russian part of it right next to Hollywood proper. I moved here a couple of years ago, from the Bay Area, for grad school (UCLA).

  3. *Yes, in the Oaks, the hills above AFI
    –previously in baja Beverly Hills and in Santa Monica
    * not originally from LA (arrived in ’75 from Chicago, Ohio and beyond)– and adore living here–don’t even care to go on ‘vacation’

  4. Yes, I live in LA. I currently reside in Winnetka. I was born and bred here all 22 years of my life. I’ve lived in many neighborhoods of the city, Koreatown, Glassell Park, Elysian Valley, Silver Lake and Eagle Rock before moving to the San Fernando Valley.

  5. * Do you live in LA? – Yes, Westood, but I’m from the East Coast originally – DC by way of Ohio… I moved here for graduate school and am thinking up new excuses to stay.

    I’d love to know details about Blogging L.A’s lurkers like ages, professions represented… I’ve always wondered about the skew towards young people, industry/academics/professionals, etc.

  6. 1) I live in the county of LA
    2) I live in a small incorporated community on the eastern outskirts of the county
    4) Yup, originally from LA!
    5) Born here, lived here all my life. I might move to new york cause it seems like an adventure to do so. I like it here in LA though.

  7. I live in Koreatown just a shade east of Hancock Park. I was born in Cincinnati and raised in various places in the Upper Midwest. I came out here to go to Seminary, and now that that’s over, I’m still here because I have nowhere else to go.

    Boy, I’m interesting.

  8. 1. Yes
    2. Hollywood
    3. –
    4. No. I was raised near Salt Lake City, UT
    5. I love Los Angeles. I moved here for school and wasn’t sure I would like it. LA haters had me worried for no reason. I won’t be here much longer though. I am moving to Washington State sometime this year to make up for lost time with some long lost family. Blood is thicker than traffic.

  9. I don’t live in LA at the moment, but lived about the last 10 years in Pasadena/South Pas. Currently living in San Jose. Originally from LA; grew up in Glendora (that’s almost LA, isn’t it? LA County, anyway.) My relationship to LA is that even though I’ve been gone for nearly two years, it doesn’t matter where I am, I still feel like I’m from LA. I’ll be back soon.

  10. Live in Echo Park. Grew up in Burbank. Our 4 children attend local schools (LAUSD, CSULA). I get my local news here!

  11. Do you live in LA? — Yes
    If yes, what neighborhood? — Rancho Park (W. LA)
    Are you from LA originally? — Nope, born and raised in Hawaii.
    What is your relationship with LA? — I moved here for college/film school (LMU) had to stay for work in the biz. I’ve been here 21 years and only in the last 8 or so have really felt like I *want* to be here. LA is like a step-family I adore.

  12. 1) Nope.
    3) Anaheim.
    4) Nope.
    5) OC is LA adjacent and I am just trying to get a feel for my more famous and more glamorous neighbor to the north.

    I agree with Katie. A demographic might be inetersting.

  13. 1. Yes.
    2. Hosekwood, althought we’ve apparently been annexed by South Robertson
    3. DNA
    4. No, Chicago originally
    5. DNU

    And to above commenters, South Pas is not L.A. LA County it LA County, not L.A. West Hollywood is not L.A. And Michigan/Chicago? Dude, you’re from Michigan. Unless you mean you grew up on Michigan Avenue or in the lake.

  14. * Do you live in LA? LA County, yes. City of, no.
    * If yes, what neighborhood? City of Gardena
    * If no, where do you live?
    * Are you from LA originally? Japan->Ohio->Torrance, CA->Gardena, CA
    * What is your relationship with LA? (e.g. you have a child living here) Live and work in Gardena, play in LA

  15. yep.
    from syracuse, ny by way of frankfurt, ge.
    i came here for school; stayed for the diversity, drugs and big sunglasses.

  16. -yes
    -echo park
    -Nope. The Bay Area
    -I moved to Walnut (60/57) when my job moved down here 10 years ago. Since I spent all my free time in LA proper it just made sense to move to EP.

  17. -Do you live in LA? Yes
    -If yes, what neighborhood? North Hollywood
    -Are you from LA originally? born in El Salvador, and have lived in LA since I was 4yrs old.
    -What is your relationship with LA? even while in college in NoCal my heart was still in LA. After getting the chance to travel to other cities/countries I know this is the right place for me.

  18. No.
    No, I’m from Seattle originally but I have lived in the LA area in the past.
    I love visiting LA and do so a few times a year.

  19. * I live in Palms.
    * not originally from here, but living here 3 years now working on a UCLA PhD
    * My relationship with LA is love/hate

  20. Have you noticed how many of these posters are from Ohio? Anyone?

    Well, add one more to the list!

  21. No.
    Long Beach
    No…Long Beach
    I’ve always lived in Los Angeles or the area, and it’s hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.

  22. I live in Silver Lake. I am orginally from San Francisco.

    Like the example, I live here because my 7 year old son does.

  23. I live in Pasadena.
    I’m from Virginia.
    I’m here because my mother dragged me here with the furniture and the TV set back in 1988. I love it here, except for the high cost of living.
    So happy to talk about myself on the internets…

  24. Yes
    Silver Lake
    I originate from the midwest. That move was 18 years ago.
    My favorite colors are black and silver. I actually prefer tea to coffee, but can handle the beans in any social setting. know, keep it on the down low k?

  25. Do you live in LA?

    If yes, what neighborhood?

    If no, where do you live?

    Are you from LA originally?
    No, another vote for Ohio. Although, I grew up here. We moved here when I was 5, it’s been 30+ yrs at this point.

    What is your relationship with LA?
    Family, friends, weather, beach, opportunity, etc. etc, etc.!

  26. Do you live in LA? Not anymore.
    If yes, what neighborhood? I used to live in Monterey Hills.
    If no, where do you live? I now live in Agoura Hills.
    Are you from LA originally? I grew up in Hacienda Heights. So, yes, sort of.
    What is your relationship with LA? (e.g. you have a child living here) My father had his dental office on Vermont near Pico when I was a child, so I spent many of my formative hours over several years in Los Angeles. Plus I lived 2.5 years in Monterey Hills. And I still work in Los Angeles – in Hollywood.

  27. * Do you live in LA? affirmative
    * If yes, what neighborhood? echo park
    * Are you from LA originally? nope, staunton, va…home of the statler brothers and woodrow wilson
    * What is your relationship with LA? steady

  28. I live in LA, Westwood at UCLA to be specific. I was born in Long Beach and lived most of my childhood in Orange County before coming to school here.

  29. I live in Silverlake, but am from San Francisco. Lived here a couple stints, this one is about to end. First one was summer school at Otis, back when it was next to MacArthur Park.

    My relationship with LA is love/hate. My heart belongs to NYC, but I’m here for the nice warm winters, the glamorous, diverse, creative cultures, and plethora of nearby racetracks. In exchange for that, I suffer the traffic, the flaky people and the ridiculous cultural obsession with plastic surgery.

  30. 1. Claro!
    2. Puro Lincoln Heights!
    3. Que? Oh, a barrel, eso, eso, eso…
    4. Simon que yes, from East of the river.
    5. We’re just dating.

  31. 1) no
    2) no
    3) West Hollywood, Russian part
    4) No, was born and raised in Ukraine
    5) Live, work, study

  32. * yeah, lincoln heights
    —> born in silverlake/rampart back in the 70’s
    —> grew up in the valley
    * LA runs through my blood, colored purple&gold and dodgerBlue
    —> family and friends throughout the county

    * other than here, i’ve lived in the baySF and in the Philippines for a combined 10 years
    —> i love LA haters

  33. Yes!
    Northeast LA
    Born in Queen of Angels hospital, can’t get more LA than that!
    I AM Los Angeles, my body is made from wind blown palm fronds, asphalt and Tapatio.

  34. Do you live in LA? –> NO
    If yes, what neighborhood? –> .
    If no, where do you live? –> Austria (Europe)
    Are you from LA originally? –> No
    What is your relationship with LA? (e.g. you have a child living here) –> I have been 2 times in LA for some week, it’s an unforgettable time in this great city. Hopefully I will come back to LA soon, maybe for longer …(job). I like rumors and news from and I am reading it for years!! tom

  35. Do you live in LA?
    — Yes, most definitely. But I also have a house in Idyllwild for about every other weekend…
    If yes, what neighborhood?
    — Downtown.
    Are you from LA originally?
    — Not close. Upstate NY with a stint in NYC a long time ago.
    What is your relationship with LA?
    — Here I am. Been in the LA area 28 years this spring. It is home. It is a facinating city, and hey – I don’t care if you are in Pasadena, Redondo or Long Beach – you are in LA County, and yes, amigo – LA County is just as much LA as the city… but we need to draw the line at the Orange Curtain!

  36. I don’t live in LA. I just bought a home in Pasadena…because I lived in LA for seven years.

    I’m not from LA originally. I’m from NorCal — San Mateo, to be precise. I arrived in LA by way of Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, and Australia.

    My relationship with LA? …is complicated. We’ve been estranged once or twice. Now we’re separated, with me in Pasadena, and LA in LA, and it seems that we appreciate each other a little more with this arrangement. It’s like we’re on a series of second dates, me and LA.

  37. I’ve lived in beautiful downtown Glendale since Thanksgiving. Before that, I lived in Hollywood for 5 1/2 years.
    Born in Nurnberg, Germany but grew up in Tampa, FL.
    My relationship to LA is through my job. Also met my wife here. We generally haven’t enjoyed living here, though I’m finding that the city is working its way under my skin. It’s becoming “home.” Kinda scary how that works.

  38. 1. Yes, I live in L.A.
    2. We’re in Los Feliz/Hollywood (right on the transitional block between Franklin and Hollywood Blvd.)
    3. I’m not originally from L.A. I grew up in Dallas, then lived in Chicago for several years before finally moving out here about 5 years ago.
    4. I just always loved L.A. From my first trip out here when I was 12, I knew I wanted to live here. What finally brought me here was that my boss had moved out here and we could work more closely together by my being here.

  39. 1. No, I don’t live in LA
    3. Ventura
    3. I’m from Olympia, Washington originally
    4. I begrudgingly go there because there is so much to do and Ventura can be so darn boring.

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