Recycle Your Xmas Tree This Weekend!

If you had the kind of Christmas tree that doesn’t get replanted after the holiday, here’s your chance to repair your karma! Green LA Girl has linked to a post about how to recycle your Christmas tree in the LA area. And when you bring in your old tree, you get a new one, FREE! (New one is a seedling, which, in a few years, will become a lovely pointy-style Christmas tree)

Dropoff locations are accepting trees today, tomorrow, and next weekend. Also, please remember: it is illegal to leave your tree at your curb, due to fire hazard (this means you, across the street neighbors!!)

2 thoughts on “Recycle Your Xmas Tree This Weekend!”

  1. Will, that is because you are a good citizen who rocks. Also, you do not like seeing fire hazards on your block, which is self-preservation as well.

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