Sunset Standoff


If you were around Sunset and Fountain sometime in 1996 you might have seen this scene, if you weren’t you’ll have to rely on the collection of photos Flickr user streetpix just posted. He was on the bus with focus of this standoff and writes:

“The suspect boarded the RTD bus on Hollywood Boulevard and never took his hands off his pockets. After a few blocks the LAPD closed 3 blocks up and down Sunset. I counted 63 officers at the scene and 12 squad cars plus 3 choppers and I was late for work. It ended peacefully after the suspect surrendered with only a bar of soap in his pocket.”

Check out the full set of photos here.

2 thoughts on “Sunset Standoff”

  1. Wow, good ol’ Standing Guy! The cause of copters distressing all of Silverlake as newshounds swung so low it was impossible to sleep, much less negotiate over the noise. I seem to recall he took a potshot at the KTLA building before boarding the bus, or so police claimed. They finally got him to show his hands by tossing him a bottle of water, and that was the end of Standing Guy.

    I’ve actually used this story to illustrate what we are doing with 1947project and the revival of lost crime memories–I can never pass that stone wall without thinking of Standing Guy, nor can Nathan, but to people who weren’t in LA that day, it’s just a wall.

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