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One month ago, I asked if anyone knew what neighborhood my new apartment is in. The answer? SiFi, a newly coined phrase in the comments by reader Fred, which I am determined to get into common use by the end of 2007.

However, I did just find out that we’re squarely in the middle of the Rampart neighborhood – according to the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council website. Unfortunately, I was led to that site by a post on LA Voice, asking the “Neighborhood Empowerment” department (DONE) to “put up or shut up“. Mack covered the most salient points in his post, referring to a post from Citywatch LA that describes the failure of DONE to listen to the NCs.

I’d always assumed that the neighborhood empowerment councils were, well, empowered by the City – but LA Voice’s commentary links to several souces that indicate otherwise. Does anyone reading this belong to an NC and have a comment as to how the interaction with the LA City central powers works?

Oh, and I’m still lobbying to call my neighborhood SiFi – Mom almost had a heart attack when I said, “Rampart”, because in her day, Rampart/Westlake was being evacuated for the suburbs and the Valley, where she grew up. In my day, I like to think that the white flight reflex is lessening, and that there’s more to be gained from a cultural mosaic neighborhood than there is to be feared. Maybe going to neighborhood council meetings would educate me on that. Maybe “cultural mosaic” would be a good theme for a DONE symposium.


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  1. I LOVE the fact that my little off-the-cuff comment has lived and thrived (at least for Jillian it has). Here’s to you Jillian and your on-going commitment to getting “SiFi” a legitamately recognized neighborhood name.

  2. Considering that people associate Rampart with police scandal and gang crime, maybe rebranding the area as SiFi would be most welcomed by anyone locally looking to lease, sell, or rent…

  3. SiFi? Not into it.

    NoHo, SoHo, TriBeCa, WeHo–those all have directions. Silverlake/Filipinotown adjacent would be SiFiAd, which is also bad. What’s wrong with Rampart?

  4. Rampart…

    Remember that old TV show “Emergency”??? Rampart reminds me first of people needing fire trucks and paramedics, then there’s the Rampart Scandal, lets’ not forget the fact that the word “rampart” implies a fortress mentality (which there is too much of in LA already)…

    SiFi is Ok, though everone will be thinking Sci-fi – (where the aliens must have landed, right… oh, you mean Roswell?) – how about using a time-honored tradition of co-opting major street names… I sort of like Beverly-Temple, or anything other than “Rampart”. However, if a two-syllable abbv. is your thing – SiFi is a lot better than most…

  5. I like SiFi because the boyfriend and I are, well, nerds. This suits us. ;-)

    Also, Markland – even as far back as the 50s, Rampart meant “deteriorating neighborhood”. Add in the proximity to Macarthur Park, and you don’t even need the recent scandal. Although, I HAVE been meaning to check out that new Wambaugh book on the subject…

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