Humane Society closing in Huntington Beach


I know it’s outside of LA but since we don’t have a blogging.oc, here goes.

The Huntington Beach Humane Society is closing down for good on January 8 and all the animals there must be adopted or euthanized.

We all get lots of emails from people looking to place dogs and cats, and I never post that stuff here for fear this would rapidly turn into a pet adoption bulletin board, but I think this is big enough to merit a post.

If you’ve been thinking of opening your home to a new pet, why not take a spin down to Huntington Beach? They’ve got their adoption fees at 50% off if that helps.

Half the price, and maybe double the karma points!

21632 Newland Street
Huntington Beach , CA 92646
Phone: 714-536-8480
Fax: 714-536-4541

That stuff above was my original post.

Within an hour or so I had been informed that not only is blogging.oc alive and well (oops), but also that the Huntington Beach Humane Society will in fact be open during construction of a new shelter, and not killing all their unplaced animals.


Normally I am the Super Skeptic, but I never doubted these “find a home, the clock is ticking” emails before. Checking the email I got this morning I see it went through two other mailboxes before finding its way to mine, and although I see her name, I don’t know the originator. I’ve tried calling the Humane Society twice (gee, what a concept) but their lines are still busy.

I didn’t want to delete the post (for several reasons) but it does look like I was completely wrong on all fronts here. Again, I apologize for the bad facts – we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

6 thoughts on “Humane Society closing in Huntington Beach”

  1. Oh My.

    Well that’s what happens when you don’t check facts!

    Sorry, OC, and OC Metblogs!

  2. I just heard on 1070am (or was 980?) about a half hour ago that this is not true. The shelter said that an email sent to new stations was not from them and they will remain open during construction of a new shelter.

  3. Oh for crying out loud.

    This is what I get for not checking first.

    (other than that Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?)

    Should I just delete the post entirely?

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