Have you seen Zyzzyx Road?

ZyzzyxRoad.jpgLast night I wrote about Devin Faraci of CHUD.com getting ripped off by Variety. The article Dade Hayes plagiarized was called What if they Released A Movie And Nobody Came? and was about a movie called Zyzzyx Road, starring Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigl, that earned exactly $30 domestic box office.

Devin wants to find the three people who saw Zyzzyx Road in the theater. It is extremely likely that said theater was in LA, so I put it to you, b.la readers: did you see Zyzzyx Road? Do you know someone who did?
Edit: readers have pointed to sources stating the the movie screened in Dallas. Still — do you know anyone who saw it? It seems sure that the opening weekend’s $20 ticket sales were to the director and a friend/spouse, but you never know.

If so, please email Devin Faraci at [email protected].

And report back here, too, won’t you? I am so very curious. It seems to me that if only people involved in the movie (and/or their friends) went to see it, it would have made more money than it did. So who did see it?

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  1. I managed to find
    which indicates that domestic box office was $20 (from one weekend in one theatre). The other $10 apparently came from international distribution (in one more theatre).

    The star, Leo Grillo, is also the exec producer. It kind of looks like a vanity production. Other than some bit parts in the 70s, Grillo’s filmography is exclusively in films he’s exec-produced. No idea where he makes the money.

    And btw, I don’t buy the plagiarism claim.

  2. There’s a discussion on metafilter, fairly recent, about this and someone in the thread said they had seen it in the theatre.

  3. Completely random but….

    when I was a kid growing up in the best city in the world, there was a guy featured on the local news as the last guy in the phone book. His name was Hero Zyzzyx (I am assuming the spelling is the same, pronounced Ziz-ix). They talked to him about his name and how when he got prank phone callers, he would blow a horn into the phone. After some time I noticed he found a lady that I imagined must have changed her name to round it all out. The white pages entry read: Hero & Heroine Zyzzyx.

    Of course my friends and I crank called him. Sadly we just got hung up on.

  4. Never saw the movie, but I have seen the real Zyzzyx Road in the desert on the way to Vegas. Always thought it would be a great start to a movie plot.

  5. Yes, that’s the same guy. He financed Zyzzyx Road and all the other films he’s appeared in (other than his 70s-era bit parts). I wonder where he got his money?

  6. For the record, the road on the way to Vegas is Zzyzx Rd. (apparently pronounced to rhyme with “Isaac’s” and not “physics”… who knew!)

    Not sure why they decided to add a letter and jimmy the others around. Maybe lack of street name recognition is why it failed.

  7. The name Zzyzx is a word that was made up at the time the original I-15 corridor was being surveyed for the construction of I-15.

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