A Note to the LA Times…

You’re turning into Myspace…I don’t want to have to click “Skip Ad” for the movie “Little Children” everytime I go to a new section or article in the Calendar Live section. Pop up ads are so 90s and super annoying!

6 thoughts on “A Note to the LA Times…”

  1. And if you’ve read Tom Perrotta’s book, you’d be amused–like I was–that Kate Winslet was cast to play the ordinary-looking and average woman that the Prom King surprisingly (even to himself) cheats on his beautiful wife with.

  2. On this same note, anyone tries to use IMDB lately?? LAME!!!!!!!!!!! you can’t view a single page without being bombarded with 50 pop-up ads.

  3. With Firefox and Adblock, none of these seem to be showing up on my browser. And I sure don’t miss them.

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