Variety thinks they’re better than the internet

A few days ago, Devin Faraci of ran a story that I planned to run here (paraphrasing and giving credit, of course). I’ve had this godawful head cold and haven’t gotten much of anything written up, and while I delayed, there were developments to the story.

Specifically, Variety ripped it off.

Devin’s article was about a movie no one has heard of. Seriously. Devin wrote:

“[T]hese people helped the Tom Sizemore and Katherine Heigl-starring movie Zyzzyx Road reach an astonishing 30 dollars at the domestic box office.

That’s not a typo.”

Dade Hayes wrote in today’s Variety:

“But even the year’s biggest bombs surpassed the curiously titled “Zyzzyxx Road,” whose domestic cume reached just $30. That’s no typo.” was not mentioned anywhere in the article. Variety has been pretty open about their contempt for bloggers and internet journalists.

Shame on you, Variety.

But really, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. This is the magazine that ran a review of The Matrix written by someone who honestly believed it was a time travel movie. Devin is actually a good critic, so of course they’d want to crib off him.

3 thoughts on “Variety thinks they’re better than the internet”

  1. wait a sec… everyone gets the end-of-year box office reports. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the very bottom of the list and see what the smallest-grossing movie of the year is. Who wouldn’t do that? And who wouldn’t find it interesting that one movie made just $30? It’s quite a stretch to then claim that Variety stole this from a website that I’m not sure many people have heard of…

  2. I think its the stat combined with the same follow up line – “thats not a typo” and “thats no typo”.

    I can see how the writer would think its plagiarism, but it just reads like coicidence to me.

  3. No one wrote about the movie anywhere all year. Everyone wrote about it in the week after Devin did, and they all credited him except this one guy who used the same exact phrase, minus one letter. I can’t see it as a coincidence.

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