Jesca Hoop’s Top 10 Favorite Highlights Of 2006…


Pictured: Jesca Hoop

Tom Waits had the following to say about the LA-based songstress Jesca Hoop (MySpace): “[Her] music is like a four sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night.”

The first time I saw Hoop perform was a little over two years ago, when she opened for The Ditty Bops (MySpace) @ Largo in Los Angeles. That night, I was quite taken not only by her dramatic outfit (and not everyone can pull off wearing a top hat to boot), but by her vocal control, as it was (and still is) an astonishing instrument in its own right. Further complemented by a squeezebox, a pair of guitars, and sometimes her band of boys, or even The Ditty Bops, her shows are always an aural delight.

And 2007 already looks to be a memorable year for Hoop, as her debut album (recorded with producer Tony Berg) is tentatively scheduled to be released this spring. But here’s a look back at her favorite moments of 2006, in her own words:

Jesca Hoop’s Top 10 Favorite Highlights Of 2006:

  1. “Living in the sweetest country cottage Topanga has to offer.”
  2. “Growing a garden and writing music in that home of mine.”
  3. “Signing a record contract with Columbia/3e Records.”
  4. “Playing SXSW with Ian Walker, Sasha Smith, Damian Anthony and my then pregnant sister Carissa.”
  5. “Traveling to Mallorca to play in an ancient church that need no amplification.”
  6. “Recording with Stuart Copeland, Matt Chamberlain, Mikah 9, Patrick Warren, Jose Pasillas, Ian Walker, Sasha Smith, Blake Mills, The Yoshida Brothers, Sam, Alex and Cedrick… and listening to the whimsy unfold into a magical record!”
  7. “Traveling to Barcelona to play in Gaudi’s La Pedrera.”
  8. “Watching Bush squirm as he lost both the Senate and the Congress!”
  9. “Meeting my nephew Justice Emanuel Garza.”
  10. “Having a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.”

(Hoop’s next shows are on Saturday, January 13th @ the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and on Sunday, January 21st @ Tangiers in Los Feliz.)

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  1. First that description from Waits, then the top hat, and then her description of living in Topanga.

    She might be great, but my gag reflex is going full strength now.

  2. actually her album has been produced by DAMIAN ANTHONY AND HERSELF, from what she has said!

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