Yay New Years’ Eve, or, I Double-Dog Dare Ya To Send Me To A Restaurant

(For those who are still enjoying the bitchfest over where the “real” Eastside actually is, jump to the extended version of this entry for my super duper double-dog dare of gustatory smackdownianism.)

It’s my understanding that bLA’ers are encouraged to post about their New Years’ experiences: unlike joz, I don’t have a check-in post from NYE itself, but I did take some mental notes while I was out & about. We first hit the Little Radio party which kicked hella mad ass and during which I got to see their new spaces for artists-in-residence (which I can’t find a weblink for, but I will). I took a couple crappy photos, like the one below, but the best are from awesome photog Timothy Norris…
Little%20Radio%20NYE%202007%20marquee1.JPG (So…Littleradio Dave & Littleradio Jimmy, shouldn’t it be New Years’…2007? Don’t get me wrong. I love you guys no matter what year you think it is. Heh.)

Check the Little Radio photos out here. There’s even a somewhat decent picture of me hidden in there.
Then we headed an overwhelming seven blocks away for the Nexus party thrown by…uh…a buncha DJ collectives I don’t know [yet]. DJ Wolfie, who I *do* happen to know, rocked the house as per usual. It was fabulous. We left around what must have been six a.m. This was, without a doubt, the busiest NYE I’ve had in a long time.

In other news, my review of fantastic veggie restaurant Elf has devolved into a “where is the Eastside anyway”? debate. So, for everyone disputing my assertion that Elf is the best new restaurant on the Eastside for 2006, I challenge you! Name me what YOU think is the best new restaurant on the “real” Eastside (that is, east of the LA River). If you can give me a good enough argument for going there, I’ll meet you there, and if I think it’s tasty, I will buy you dinner. I shit you not. Also be aware I have very low standards for cleanliness but high standards for taste.

I dare ya.

And in other, other news, this is shaping up to be one of the best years yet. I can feel it.

7 thoughts on “Yay New Years’ Eve, or, I Double-Dog Dare Ya To Send Me To A Restaurant”

  1. Why should we give you a “good argument” for going to the real Eastside? It’s your responsibility as a Los Angeles blogger and former newspaper editor to seek these things out on your own. Something you probably should have been doing a long time ago.
    By the way I think it’s demeaning to call the debate and discussion on the other post a “bitchfest.” We’re not talking about a bad hair day but about the historic culture of millions of folks who live and grew up in the communities east of the LA River. A group of people who once again are not being recognized.

  2. Oh for God’s sake, Eastside, get over yourself. Where I live these days it takes me an hour to get anywhere. You’d have to give me a good argument for going to Venice or Santa Monica right now. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to solicit the educated opinion of others when trying to “seek things out for myself.” Other people obviously know a fuckload more about certain parts of LA than I do. If I spent the time it would take to discover all the hidden treasures of LA “on my own,” I’d never get jack shit done and I’d spend all my money on gasoline and bus tickets. It’s utterly idiotic for people to demand I see the merit in their underappreciated side of town, then refuse to meet me halfway when I ask for their input. El Chavo did a great thing when he e-mailed me personally to give me an insightful rundown of what he sees as some of the best parts of the true Eastside, and I plan to go check out all his recommendations. Step up.

  3. Oh, and incidentally, I was not asking for a good argument to go to the Eastside–I don’t need a good argument for going there. I’m not asking you to defend the merits of the community; those are not in question. The merits of a restaurant, however, ARE. I’m asking you to tell me why I should schelp my ass to a particular restaurant and spend my hard-earned money there. There’s a lot of shitty food in ALL parts of LA & I’d rather only go to places that people actually think are tasty, and that I should try. You’re going personal and attacking me, whereas I’m simply asking people to tell me why I should go to a restaurant.
    Growing up in the Valley, I heard a lot of shit-talk and idiotic generalizations about the area lobbed my way. But if someone said to me, “Hey, ok. WHY should I give the Valley an ounce of my valuable time?” I’d go off with oodles of great reasons why they should give it a chance and look at it with new eyes, from historical info to insights about great local sights ‘n’ sites, drives they should take, interesting characters they should seek out. I wouldn’t stand there & petulantly demand that person figure it out for themselves.
    I *will* check out Gallifono’s. Although “Good Food” isn’t a terribly glowing recommendation.

  4. Why do you need a ‘new’ restaurant? Cero’s on Evergreen has the most awesome avocado salsa and it will appear on your table the instant you sit down. The food is really really good, too. Authentic Aztlan cuisine, made by natives.

    They have been around for years though.

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