Offshore Report (January 3rd)

dolphinicon.gifMore than 20 southbound Gray Whales have been spotted in the past week. Another northbound Gray Whale was spotted yesterday by the census team. (Yes, they’re supposed to be going south, but as we like to say, whales don’t read the textbooks.)

dolphinicon.gifFin Whales continue to appear in the channel, several were within a mile of Pt. Vicente on Monday. The Voyager out of Redondo Sportfishing caught up with a group of five feeding earlier this week.

dolphinicon.gifBig Sur reported a huge number of whales going by yesterday and the day before. It takes 4-6 days for those whales to travel past Los Angeles – looks like we’ve got a promising weekend in store!

dolphinicon.gifA Gray Whale was spotted spyhopping (popping its head up vertically) at the Redondo Beach Pier. Keep your eyes out if you frequent that area, it’s a common area for Gray Whales to come in and take a look at people.

dolphinicon.gifImmense pods of Common Dolphins are also being spotted offshore, feeding on the abundant bait fish (probably anchovies).

dolphinicon.gifI’m leading a whale watching tour on Saturday (1/6/07) at 1:30 PM from Redondo Sportfishing on the Voyager. Care to join me? (Read “How to go Whalewatching“)