Law Enforcement on Concealed Weapons Licenses

Last year the Full Disclosure Network interviewed quite a few local (and not so local) law enforcement about their opinions on CCW (Concealed Weapons) Licenses and got some very interesting replies.

On the not so local take, Kansas just passed a “shall issue” law (the kind I’m always advocating here in CA) and the response has been extremely positive, and they have issued 3,000 licenses since the law went into effect on Monday. This is a good thing. This quote from the story I just linked makes the point I’m always ranting about:

“In order to qualify for that license you have to be a law-abiding citizen,” said Lawrence Police Sgt. Dan Ward said. “It’s not the law-abiding citizens that present problems to the officers. It’s the criminals, and those individuals will still carry guns with or without a license.”

Criminals already carry guns and clearly making that illegal doesn’t stop gun crime, what CCWs do is give law abiding citizens who have the proper training the ability to defend themselves and their families.