12 thoughts on “More Insipid?!”

  1. He keeps using that word, I don’t think it means what he thinks it does.

    Humor in posting is what keeps blogging from being the TV news. Whether he finds these posts bland or not isn’t the question, it’s that he feels that he needs to tear others down. It’s what the democrats did the last election. Don’t vote for them, this is what’s wrong with them, I’m not going to tell you anything about myself, just that I’m a better choice than these guys who did these things. Ugh. Exist on your own merit, not a presupposed superiority to others.

  2. insipid means boring, but can also mean tasteless, which this post definitely is.

    i’ll keep reading and commenting, though, under my real name.

    Thanks for the forum

  3. Jan 03 2:01 am 2454 posts 23315 comments karachi
    Jan 02 1:05 pm 6664 posts 23289 comments Los Angeles

  4. If the LASD would give me CCWP I’f sneak up behind that Bonner and pop a cap upside his insipid head.

  5. Gregg, if there was an award for “Ability-to-turn-anything-and-everything-into-a-political-rant”, you would have my vote.

    Well done.

  6. Tasteless? Yes. Boring? Not really. Some people just need to quit waiting to be offended.

  7. Actually, insipid means tasteless as in bland or lacking flavor, not tasteless as in cruel.

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