House Of Davids, Christmas Style…


I couldn’t say goodbye to 2006 without acknowledging that the House of Davids, located on the southeast corner of W 3rd St. and S Muirfield Rd. and just west of S Rossmore Ave. in Hancock Park, has once again been adorned with Christmas and New Year’s decorations.

And while Losanjealous reported that “…last year’s Santa and Mrs. Claus appear to be absent in the foreground,” when I visited the house yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were sitting at their now usual spot, perhaps due to popular demand?

I noted with amusement that during the time I was there, cars passed by the house every few minutes, passing by very slowly, or pulling over for a closer look, or even stopping entirely so families could get their photos taken in front of the house. And not just families, as there were college students and young couples as well. I could totally imagine people of all ages and demographics dropping by every year.

Speaking of which, I don’t know how long this annual decorative tradition has lasted, but I have to admit I’m already curious what next Christmas has in store for Youngwood Court.

UPDATE: Drove past the house this morning (01/03/07) and the decorations have disappeared, presumably until December. Also, according to Losanjealous, the house and its occupants will be extensively featured in E!‘s upcoming reality series High Maintenance 90210.

Five photos after the jump.


5 thoughts on “House Of Davids, Christmas Style…”

  1. Youngwood Court is such an icon now that Y-Que sells t-shirts with a picture of David under the words ‘Hancock Park’ –you know, like the red star under Silverlake.

  2. I’m so glad you got these pictures! I’ve been meaning to, but always had the baby and/or perishable groceries in the car. As always, your photos are excellent (far better than mine would have been).

    Was I imagining things, or did the display read 2007 long before the New Year?

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