Anyone want to give me a headline for this story?

I just saw a story on the LAFD Blog about a fire today in Chatsworth:

Upon arrival, Firefighters discovered a two-story single-family home, from which, thick heavy smoke was billowing. As the structure was self-destructing, Firefighters took an aggressive stand in an effort to extinguish the fire, search the home for potential victims, and protect nearby homes from any damage. It took 110 Firefighters one-half hour to gain control of the fire and ensure that no residents were trapped within the house.

But the more interesting part:

While the home was definitely “Under-Furnished”, it was by no means empty. The entire home was filled with Marijuana plants, in various stages of growth and production. The street value of the cultivated plants which were damaged, destroyed, and confiscated will be determined by local Law Enforcement Authorities.

Anyone want to give me a headline for this story? The story on the LAFD Blog was Indoor Pot Farm Goes Up in Smoke. There are soooo many possibilities here!

What would yours be?

7 thoughts on “Anyone want to give me a headline for this story?”

  1. My two-story single- family home filled with indoor pot plants burned to the ground on New Years day in Chatsworth and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

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