Who Will She Choose?

I’m posting via mobile and don’t have a photo – but today is the second day that I’ve seen a skywriter laboriously writing “WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?” in the skies over West L.A. Obviously a teaser for something – but what?

And skywriting? Am I the only one who thinks that’s kind of retro?

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  1. I saw that too yesterday while biking up to the observatory. The skywriter had some trouble with the “I” in “will.” My first thought was that another season of The Bachelor/ette” was nearing its finale, but when I googled “the phrase in question” I found this link…


    …which appears to tie it to some ABC family channel series I’ve never heard of called “Wildfire.”

  2. WIldfire is geared towards the young, apparently. Check out their ad in Seventeen Magazine.

    Who will she choose, indeed!

    (Don’t assume anything by the fact that I know what’s in Seventeen Magazine.)

  3. I think skywriting is groovy. But when it’s used to advertise some lame tv show it’s just bogus. Pollution. Bad.

  4. They did this in New York, too. I didn’t know what it was about until I did a blog search and came across this post.

  5. And they couldn’t teach the kids “whom?” :(

    ABC Family did the same thing for “Who is Kyle XY?” which ended up their most successful show ever.

  6. I was shooting up in my backyard Saturday and thought I was flying high when I saw those words in the sky (and some diamonds). But guess I wasn’t hallucinating. Aliens? Crop Circles in disguise? More bad meth?

  7. Saw it over New York at Jets game yesterday…. the skywritter was fighting a loosing battle with the wind. But if you kept track of the letters I think he got to about “who will she choos”. Also oddly enough we saw other skywritting over the city on the way in and couldn’t figure that out. Almost lost arabic.. and that had us freaked out with all that has happened lately…

    If you didn’t see it, it would be hard to believe it was any type of advertising campaign by a major network, it was so unprofessional.

    The mystery continues for me at least.


  8. Scott, I watched it overhead at home in Jersey and the last “e” and “?” were pretty clear. You’re right, it didn’t look very professional, but hey, I never tried it myself so I don’t know how difficult it is.

  9. I saw this on Friday over the San Fernando Valley and again on New Years Day over the Rosebowl.

    How are people supposed to know it’s for Wildfire? At least when they did skywriting for Kyle XY, that was also the name of the show.

    It’s not like it’s a well-known mantra like “Save the Cheerleader.”

  10. I saw this over NYC yesterday (Google led me here), and it must be for that Wildfire show, as there was also an airplane pulling a banner for the TV show (flying around Manhattan).

    I really liked the skywriting, as it was the old kind – following the path of the plane, real writing! … as opposed to the ones I’m used to seeing where the airplane drags a grid across the sky that prints in a dot-matrix style. Analog writing, baby!

  11. ABC needs to slap someone upside the head then- because I’d bet most people would never tie the phrase to “Wildfire”, and now some smartass blogger has scored a top spot on the Google results for the phrase.

    By the way, when I google it, I get a Grey’s Anatomy reference in the top 10 results. Plus I’d’ve assumed it was the “Bachelorette” again myself – or some other lame knock-off (Beauty and the Geek maybe?) if it wasn’t for the comments in this post. Hence, while I’m sure millions of people saw the skywriting, what good did it do?

  12. Same thing going on in New York today (1/3). The “s” in “choose” looks a little funky. Kind of like “chooSe.” Definitely old-school skywriting, though, none of that high-tech sky-typing. Right now “Who will” is drifting over LaGuardia, while “she chooSe” is floating over the 59th St. bridge and is heading into Queens.

  13. The same message has been written in Yonkers as well. Maybe it is a teaser? Did you ever find out what it was?

  14. I was this today (I live in Queens, NY) when coming home from college. While waiting for the train i saw “who will” and when i got out i saw “she choose”. I was thinking “what the heck is that supposed to mean?”. When i got home I googled it and typed in “skywriting” and that phrase. Then i found this place. I would’ve never knew it had to do with a TV show.

  15. My co-workers and I watched this mysterious comment appear in the skies above NYC. We were also wondering what it could possibly be in reference to. We named of a variety of shows, but Wildfire never came up. I don’t really know anyone who watches Wildfire…what is it even about? And why does ABC think sky writing is an effective way to advertise this? If its in 17 Magazine then I have a feeling all the teens who do watch this show are in school right now. Can’t ABC figure out a better way to spend their advertising money? It does not make me want to watch the show. Now if it said, “Who will she choke” or “chop up”…then maybe I would tune in.

  16. I saw the skywriting New Year’s Day while viewing the Rose Parade floats in Pasadena. In addition to the lame skywriting, there were two small planes circling above pulling adverts for Beauty and the Geek and Wildfire. So sounds like it was an attempt to make us watch really stupid television.

  17. Hi
    i can’t believe i found this I live in the bronx New York and saw the same exact thing on Sunday December 31 at about noon as well we just left church and My son said look up Mommy sky writing. so i did. I thought it said Noose? at first. but then My friend called me today Wednesday jan 3 2007 at about 1 and said the sky writing again and i finally made out the entire thing and it said “who will she choose?” It definetly got our attention and a friend said to type in in yahoo something will come up and you did to funny I wonder what is all means?
    Tina from the Bronx NY

  18. I saw this today and thought it was in reference to the new TV show “I Love New York” a spin off of the Flavor of Love reality series (on MTV?). Any thoughts?

  19. Emma you are right i think. I asked my little sister in law and she said they are filming in california and she is from new York so they are doing bad advertising for this show. I am sure i will watch though lol
    Who will she choose?
    Well we will have to see when New York chooses on the new spin off of flavor of love.

  20. I also saw “Who will she choose” and it was EXTREMELY distracting as a driver. But also curious. Who is she? Did she choose? And if she did… well who did she choose? Maybe the skywriter will supply an update!

  21. Regardless of what show this is for, the ad OBVIOUSLY isn’t working because we have all ended up here discussing what it COULD be about! I saw the sky-writing for the second time in two weeks, and I can now assume it’s for Wildfire, a show I could care less about.

  22. OH SHIT. are you effing serious. wildfire. how retarded.

    i just googled this because this morning is the second time in like 4 days i’ve seen this – once today in downtown los angeles, once over the weekend in long beach, ca.
    now i can die a happy woman, knowing it’s for some shitty show. pass the drano, bottoms up!

  23. My girlfriend and I have seen this skywriting 4 times in the last week. Once on December 31st (before the Rose Parade), twice on January 1st (during the Rose Parade and after), and once today (in Whittier). We got so annoyed with seeing the phrase “Who will she choose?” that we had to Google it. Thank you SO much for relieving our headaches!

  24. Ya I saw It Once Again Here In L.A. California Jan 9th And It Said Who Will She Choose It Was Really Bunched Up And You Couldnt See It At All But One Of My Friends Said Something About Wildfire I Didnt Agree But I Was Wrong I Guess

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