A Dark NYE for LA

Today’s coverage of the major parties in L.A. by the Times reminded me that it is, indeed, only three more days to New Year’s Eve. And, once again, I’m delighted to be celebrating it in Los Angeles. It’s warmer here than it is on most places the night of December 31st/January 1st, which means it’s easy to traipse around in cute outfits without having to worry about freezing one’s ass off. I can’t imagine celebrating in, say, Chicago, waiting for cabs and waiting in lines to get into clubs in the snow, and then checking a twenty-pound coat. Yay, SoCal microclimate!

However, there are those of us for whom spending NYE at a major festival-style party like Giant or Together as One doesn’t sound like fun. I’m not a big fan of crowds. So I went off searching for smaller parties. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a major goth event this year. Last year, Bar Sinister was open, because it was New Year’s Eve on a Saturday. This year, it’s a Sunday – but the Sunday night goth club is Malediction Society, which takes place in a club used for hip-hop and R&B on Saturdays. Tragically, the Saturday promoter bought out the club at a higher price than the goth promoters could afford. And while Evil Club Empire, who run Blacklist on Sundays at the Knitting Factory still have possession of the club, they’re using it for an 18+ event focusing on 80s music, which doesn’t even sound like as much fun as the live 80s tribute Club London is throwing at Boardners, featuring a Depeche Mode tribute band.

So that leaves just the fetish parties for the dark-minded. Miss Kitty’s is throwing a major party, of course, but will have DJ Amanda Jones spinning. The Catch One has a party, but haven’t even specified what type of music the “four hot DJs” will play. And those of you familiar with DJ Xian and her LA Dead community may want to go check the site for rumors on the small event she may be doing, and come by Malediction Society on Monday the 1st instead.

I’m sure there are a zillion other parties and clubs and events happening in L.A., and if there’s one with a particularly cool lineup, I invite you to share it in the comments. I’ll update with another post on Saturday if there’s worthwhile happenings in town I haven’t looked in on by then. And my commentary on the BIG events happening in the L.A. region is behind the cut.

  • For those who are looking for big dance party events, Giant and Together as One will, between them, host almost 25,000 people. Both parties seem to have pretty equal heavy weight in superstar DJs, which kind of leaves me wondering what the rest of the world is doing if all the big DJs are here.
  • For rock events, Gridlock blew their entertainment budget on the Killers, but have a 6,000 person capacity at the Paramount lot where Carmen Electra will hostess (and wonder what happened to her career in between announcements).
  • If you’re a nostalgic GenXer, you may want to hop on the OC NYE bandwagon, where Blondie and the Violent Femmes are the headliners. Oh, and if you can’t remember the hits of their lineup of 80s and 90s bands, the website actually lists the biggest singles.
  • Finally, for the Indie 103.1 crowd, there’s also the Flaming Lips/Gnarls Barkley/Cat Power show at the Galen Center at USC, which also marks the inaguration of that venue for major concerts.
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    1. Even though this will be my first year NOT going to Giant (Last year’s cancellation doesn’t count) I would definetly recommend Giant over any other NYE party in LA…expecially if you like trance. 5 of the top trance dj’s in the world are spinning, plus you would get to see Sasha and Digweed preform together, and that’s a rarity nowadays. The party is pretty spread out in downtown and there is a ton of room to roam around, dance, and people watch. This year they got there whole circus theme, with tents (so chances of cancellation due to rain..slim to none) so look for some cool circus acts, and carnival rides.

      As for Together As One…even though it was a fun back up to Giant’s cancellation last year…unless you are in between the ages of like 15-20 I do not recommend going..UNLESS you don’t mind seeing a bunch of kids so messed up on drugs that you ponder how they are even functioning. Together as One is more of a candy rave, so expect lots and lots of little candy ravers dressed in furry, scandalous outfits, sucking on pacifiers (yes…they still do that) rolling on extacy, high on tweak, and numb on K. The line up isn’t that bad, but it’s unoriginal. Paul Van Dyk spun that party last year. If you are into Drum & Bass…Together as One does have a good Drum & Bass line up with Diselboy, Ed Rush & Optical performing…however, most local junglists, that made that area really fun last year, will be attending “A New Beginning” a Drum & Bass NYE bash in Downtown.
      The Paramount party is the party that people who love to be seen, and people who are unfamiliar with any scene will attend. Expect there to be a gazillion drunk obnoxious people pushing to the front to see The Killers.

      If you haven’t seen Gnarls Barkly…I’d recommend seeing them…I’d go just to see what costume theme they will be performing in.

      Other party that looks like fun…The Sounds at The Roosevelt Hotel (though it says that it’s a DJ set by the sounds…so don’t expect the band to be playing)

      Anyhoo, hope this helps a little…I on the other hand will be going to Vegas to celebrate 2007…I have to take a break from Giant :)

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