New blog: LA Can’t Drive

I got an email from reader Mike, who’d read this post of mine and wanted to alert me to his new blog, LA Can’t Drive, which documents crappy drivers.

Go check it out! I love the idiocy and asshole meters.

He takes submissions of driver idiocy, too:

Share your photos! Email photos you or someone else in your car has taken to [email protected] Remember, to take photos only when it is completely safe to do so. Ideally, have a passenger take the photo for you.

Photos must be in JPEG format and ideally 640 x 480 pixel size. Also include a small blurb of the incident. I have the right to edit or reject all submissions.

10 thoughts on “New blog: LA Can’t Drive”

  1. Given that driving patterns in this town, even in the last 5 years, has become exponentially worse, I’d hardly express that highlighting such problems is passe. Remember when people never used to honk? When they were more patient, less aggressive, etc.? Yes, traffic congestion has contributed to the problem, but violating basic traffic laws isn’t a solution to circumvent such issues, nor is it a way to vent one’s frustrations.

  2. It’s tough to take them seriously when the lead item is whining about hands-free cellphone laws. Those laws are a joke that do nothing to improve road safety.

    Asshole Meter: High

  3. BTW, many of the pictures seem to be taken from the driver’s side of the car and not always at a light.

    There’s also the rant about the guy turning right on red where the light is clealry yellow in the picture.

    Someone has issues.

  4. Rob, less distractions on the road, the better. If you take the time to look more carefully, you’ll realize a strong correlation to clueless/aggressive/non-signaling driving to drivers chatting on their cell phone. If hands-free phones were such a bad idea, why are so many states adopting it as a law? By the way, if you can change the station on the radio, it’s possible to snap a quick photo of a car and hope that the photo comes out. And sorry buddy, but that light is clearly red. Learn the order of red, green, and yellow on traffic signals.

  5. What’s old news is peeps coming to Los Angeles and complaining about how it isn’t like where they came from. Yes, I made a guess about you, Mike. But blogs and blog items about how other people are lame is getting so so tired.

    If I want carping. I’l go hang around with the regulars at the local bar.

  6. No, having a cell phone in your hand actually does nothing to remove a distraction. Most studies have shown that the biggest distraction comes when answering the phone (literally taking your attention off your current situation to wonder who it might be) and the simple distraction that is the conversation. Whether the phone is in your hand or not does not make a difference.

    You can’t have it both way. Is it worthwhile to legislate every distraction out of the driver’s world or is it ok to be distracted enough to take a picture because you think it’s ok.

    As for your argument that so many states passed a law so it must be right, I hardly know how to respond. I suppose that we should never have overturned those popular Jim Crow laws–they were really on to something! Convenient scapegoating is often politically popular what with the appearance of action, but that’s never made a recipe for sound policy.

    That light has 4 lamps. First, a red light that is off, second a yellow light that is on, third a green light that is off, and fourth a green arrow that is off. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a traffic signal with a huge gap from the top to the red light. As if simply looking at it to see that it’s the second light down weren’t enough, it’s also clearly yellow in color.

  7. Tim, fair enough. I respect your opinion and just hope that you avoid the crazies on the road. As much as I (and others) might be complaining on my site, I do think that driving tests given out randomly, where one is eligible for selection after six years, will do wonders for the county. The state already issues random written tests when you go to renew your license. And it’s amazing how many people actually fail those written tests, even after three tries where each test gets easier and easier. The extra cost to fund the program would pales in comparison to the amount of income the county loses due to SIG alerts, more minor accidents, traffic jams, etc. Either way, thanks for taking the time to check out the blog.

  8. Rob, yes, I’ve read those studies, too. But what are the options? What I really want is for representatives to consider the option of mandatory driving tests that I just mentioned in my last comment. On a separate note, making a parallel to laws that support segregation and laws that strive to increase driver safety is hardly applicable.Lastly, you’re more than welcome to examine that traffic light at Century Park East and Santa Monica if it bothers you this much. Regardless, I appreciate the discussion and your opinions.

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