Anyone want to take over LA Photobloggers?

Brooks is done, and threatening to just close up shop. In a post today he says:

I know I’ve threatened this before… a few times. :-) , but I think it’s time to close this place down. I was really optimistic when we first started, but it’s really just turned into me deleting spam comments every day and looking at the last post for a month before trying to find something just to keep the place looking like it’s not dead. The reality is, that it really died a long time ago. So, with that in mind, would anyone like a set of keys to the place?

If no one steps up he says he’ll probably turn comments off and leave the site online for people to check out the archives, it just won’t be active going forward. I’m not sure how that relates to the larger multi city photobloggers network but this post seems to be specifically talking about LA.

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