Darclight = Duh + Arclight

It’s a simple thing, really. To create a nuclear explosion you fire neutrons at closely packed atoms with heavy nuclei, such as uranium or plutonium isotopes. When hit by a neutron these heavy nuclei then break apart into lighter nuclei, in turn generating more neutrons which bombard other nuclei, creating a chain reaction. Kablammo.

Not so simple? Try getting tickets for the 1:55 p.m. screening today of “A Night at the Museum” via the Arclight’s website. After the fourth try navigating (twice on a Mac and twice on a PC, three times with Firefox and once with IE… and a partridge in a pear tree), through interminably slow-loading pages full of timed-outs and and where our credit card may or may not have been charged twice (plus listening to the hollow unanswered ringing of thir customer service line), the wife and I are giving up and instead heading down to the uncharted seas of the Flagship Theaters on Hoover near USC and taking our chances waiting in line for its 2:05 p.m. show and doing that whole unreserved seating thing.

Sorry for the Christmas Day humbuggery but this is easily the fifth time in my Arclight-loving history that I’ve fought with the Arclight’s glacially paced and ceaselessly sludged-up website and lost money, sanity and/or hair.

Post-Show Update (4:41 p.m.): Visual evidence of our “Hmmm… where to sit?” quandary taken 10 minutes prior to the start of $6 matinee at the Flagship’s theater, and a one-sentence film review after the jump.


The movie was terrific, a fantasy romp that appealed perfectly to my inner kid, making him and me want to visit our local Natural History house (preferably after sundown).