Christmas at the Observatory Man and I had our traditional holiday a few days early in Pittsburgh and arrived back home to balmy SoCal last night and wondered what we’d do on Christmas Day. We decided to go to Griffith Park for a little walk. What we didn’t expect was that we could get up to Griffith Observatory.

Of course it’s not open, and if it were we’d need reservations. But we figured we’d just go to the park and take a hike up the hill or something. Lo and behold we came through the tunnel and parked right there and walked up to the Observatory. Of course it was not just closed, but the whole grounds were fenced off (it didn’t used to be that way).

It was a lovely clear day and the prospect of the view of the Los Angeles basin all the way to Catalina was too tempting. After spotting a half a dozen folks inside the gate, we found a way around to the left of the parking lot along the fence and hopped over where someone had handily put a bench on either side.

Strikingly blue skies, high crystalline clouds and clear air made for a spectacular view and my first look at the refurbed

I was pleased to see so many families out enjoying the excellent weather at the park. Some were just out for a hike with the dogs, others were multigenerational processions with picnic supplies. Little kids were sporting their new wheelie sneakers and razor scooters and grown ups looked like they were playing with new camera equipment. A good call for all concerned.

LA, you looked good today. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, no matter how or where you spent it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas at the Observatory”

  1. We did exactly the same thing. It was packed. We’re in Los Feliz, so we just hiked up from our front door and marvelled “Oh yeah, look how close the ocean is. Imagine if it didn’t take half-a-day to get there!” :)

    We were just annoyed that they had fenced off the whole parking lot so there was no way to hike directly from the observatory to Mount Hollywood. So, we had to go down, through the tunnel, and all the way back up. :(

    Great afternoon just the same, though.

  2. Oh, I get what you’re saying. We were on the other side. We easily got to the observatory, but ran into the fences trying to get from there to the top. I wasn’t up for climbing the fence at the benches because it looked like you were still going to be trapped, but I guess not.

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