Unsilent Night = a pretty joyful noise

The BF, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend and I trundled over to Pan-Pacific Park last night for L.A.’s first participation in Unsilent Night, and I’m happy to report that it was ultra happy-making.

Turnout was impressive for a first year; at one point towards the end, after our winding walk through the park brought us to the little amphitheater towards the north end of the park, The BF counted somewhere around 200-250 celebrants. And there is something really uplifting about (a) that many people gathering together to share in an artistic experience and (b) hearing the same lush music (in four harmonizing parts) emanating from so many amplified devices all around you.

My hat’s off to L.A. organizer Behnoosh Khalili, who hooked up with the NY Unsilent folk during her five years in NYC, and who did a banner job pulling this one together. I’ll be back next year for this awesome holiday tradition.

(Chennessey, who dressed as Santa, has her Flickr photoset up here.)