Space Station Passes Overhead anyone else get to watch the International Space Station and Space Shuttle Discovery cross the sky yesterday? It happened at about 5:18, traveling from the southwest to the northeast. (I had no idea until about 5:15 or I would have posted!) It looked like a big (slightly larger than Mars) glowing ball traveling straight across the sky (it does not follow the earth’s curve, so its path looked slightly off to anyone accustomed to watching airplanes move across the sky). So very cool!

And it may be visible again today at 5:42. (See additional sighting times here and find out when it will pass over other cities here.)

3 thoughts on “Space Station Passes Overhead”

  1. I always like walking out into the front yard and looking up to see the space station or the shuttle go overhead at 17,000 mph! I want to go up so bad.

    In space, nobody can hear you yell “Woo Hoo!”

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