Last Hurrah Party For Tower Tonight?

I found out earlier through a friend, whom I worked with at Tower in the early 1990s, that there is a “Last Hurrah” party for their employees tonight at The Viper Room (which is directly across the street from Tower Video on Larabee and almost directly across the street from the legendary Tower Records location on Sunset). He also told me that the order reportedly came down from the regional manager of all Tower retail locations in the Southern California area.

I haven’t been able to find confirmation of this party online, and a check of The Viper Room’s schedule doesn’t indicate anything of the sort either. (For what it’s worth, doors are @ 8:30 PM and the bands performing tonight, as part of an Indie 103.1 presentation, are Protection, The Spores, Year Long Disaster, and Lana Now Fell).

Apparently Tower’s parties have been legendary in the past, and if this news is true, I’d imagine that tonight’s will be one for the record books.