Offshore Report (December 13)

Here’s your weekly report of all things mammalian in our nearby ocean:

dolphinicon.gifFin Whales are being spotted regularly off of Palos Verdes Peninsula. Yesterday five were seen feeding as close as 1 mile from shore. It’s believed they’re here eating small fish, but if it turns out to be krill, we may be seeing Blue Whales soon. The groups of Fin have been as large as 10 at a time. Fin whales are the speed demons of the whale world and the second largest animal on earth at about 80 feet long.

dolphinicon.gifOrcas – more news on the Orca front as they continue to be spotted in the area. A large pod of 25 were spotted off of Anacapa Island last week and in other parts of SoCal (some down in Orange County). They are probably Offshore Orcas and are feeding on abundant fish in the area.

dolphinicon.gifGray Whales are definitely migrating, seven have been spotted heading south since the Census started including two on Tuesday.

dolphinicon.gifCommon Dolphins were spotted inside LA Harbor just off the inside beach at Cabrillo on Friday. Bottlenose Dolphins are often seen along beaches and inside the harbor, it’s very rare to see Commons come in so close. An elephant seal was also spotted around the same time inside the harbor.

dolphinicon.gifA Humpback Whale was not only spotted by the census over the weekend, but it was also breaching (throwing its entire body out of the water).

My first whale watching trip this year will be the annual Training Trip for the naturalists on December 26th, so you can look for another update then!

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