UCLA records hacked

I found out this morning that my name, Social Security number, birthdate, address and contact information may be in the hands of some hackers. As I read through the acting chancellor’s e-mail and the LA Times story, I got a headache. Finals week worries, headaches and other maladies are supposed to be reserved for final exams and papers, not identity theft!

The LA times has more information on the security breach in which a hacker may have accessed the records of 800,000. Those affected include current and past students, faculty, staff, some students who applied, some parents of students who appied, current and former faculty and staff at UC Merced, and finally current and former employees of the UC Office of the President (located in Oakland).

UCLA administrators have already identified the affected — such as myself — and suggested contacting one of the three major credit bureaus to put a fraud alert on our records. In addition, they’ve set up a website on identity alert and hotline (877-533-8082) to find out if you’re in the database that was compromised.

3 thoughts on “UCLA records hacked”

  1. *sighs*

    Dear UCLA,
    You suck! This is the second time in three years my info has been in the database that got hacked. Not thrilled to have to put on fraud warnings. For all this crap can y’all just take me as a transfer grad student?
    -One grumpy Astrobabe

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