LiveNation Sacks 79 at House of Blues. Cites Reorganization, Hatred of Holiday Joy.

If you’re looking for a job in the music industry, the competition’s going to be just a little more fierce in the wake of Live Nation’s firing of 79 people from newly-acquired House of Blues last Friday. Throughout the first half of the day, staff inside HOB’s Hollywood headquarters provided live play-by-play via IM to others in the tightly knit promotion industry as individuals were called one-by-one into private discussion to learn what role, if any, they would have in the new structure. But Live Nation may not be done playing Scrooge. According to sources still at the company, more cuts are expected this coming Friday with some employees already notified of their termination but not yet allowed to disclose. Rumours have also circulated that LIve Nation is not interested in the restaurant aspects of the House of Blues venues and are looking to spin off those aspects to a third party.

Update: Another source suggests that there is indeed a list circulating among the remaining management with more names of employees who will face the firing squad in the coming weeks. They’ve also revealed that there are a number of employees who have been told privately that they’re being laid off, but been asked keep quiet and to stay on for 60 days to help finish existing projects and ease the transition. Some have agreed while others chose to resign immediately. Also of interest, representatives from Motorola, a major HOB sponsorship partner, were reportedly extremely dismayed yesterday when they arrived at the Sunset office for a meeting only to discover that the sponsorships team had all been laid off and there was nobody available to meet with them.