The 99Cent Chef?

I love the 99Cents Only stores. I don’t visit them often, just when I’m buying batteries or wrapping paper or something similar that is way too marked up even at a Big Lots. But when I do, I love playing “What Wacky Non-American Food Fell Off A Truck This Week?” From Central American baby squid in hot sauce to strange Southeast Asian snackfoods to Canadian Jones Soda to 50 cent cans of PBR, there is just no end of the entertainment to be had at the 99 Center. I include it on tours of Los Angeles to my Canadian friends, who are used to the “Loonie Madness” concept – but certainly not on anything close to the scale of the 99 Cents Only chain.

Catching up on my foodblogging today, I caught an entry on The 99Cent Chef. This would be a hilarious video even if it wasn’t one long inside joke for 99Cents shoppers. The video on YouTube shows the Chef choosing, with discrimination, from the dozens of items in the store to make his creations. It reminds me a bit of the Souplantation Iron Chef – interesting enough in theory, but more hilarious than tasty.

However, I think the 99Cent Chef should have teamed up with Charles Phoenix. I can’t think of a single item on Charles Phoenix’ Astro Weenie Christmas Tree (link goes to the how-to video) that could not be found in a 99 Center, albeit perhaps not in its “pure” brand form. THAT would be an Iron Chef pairing in the making indeed!

6 thoughts on “The 99Cent Chef?”

  1. Go check out the 99 Cent store on LaBrea and Willoughby and I swear you will never shop at Ralph’s again. I have friends from Denver who ask I send them 99 Cent store care packages.

  2. Ew! I don’t recommend anyone buying food at the 99 cent shop. I’ve seen some god awful, you don’t know how long it’s been sitting there, food. Every thing is at your desposal :)

  3. I like how over in Lincoln Hights there’s a street with a 99 cent store on one side of the street and a 98 cent store directly across from it. I just imagine the guys in the 99 cent store staring out the window quietly thinking “Wow. I bet they have some real crap.”

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