‘Tis The Season

So last night’s wet weather was a legit if long overdue seasonal variation, but for me here in Los Angeles the shifts identifiable to me are decidedly less meteorological in nature. For example, fall doesn’t officially arrive for me until that day I’m driving somewhere and don’t need the A/C. And the move from fall to winter comes not with any measurabe precipitation but instead when I finally find the glass-botttled goodness of Broguiere’s Egg Nog in my grocer’s refrigerator case, such as I did last Friday.


Kathleen previously wrote about the wonderful products from Montebello’s now 86-year-old and still strangely website-less dairy here on Blogging.la back in 2004, and if you’ve never had some of Broguiere’s heavenly holiday nectar, also known as The Best Egg Nog Ever, you need to quick go gets you some of this extra-special stuff because demand always trumps supply and it flat out puts all other mass-produced nogs to shame.

Photo by ProfessorSalt on Flickr.

11 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season”

  1. Ah Will! This is my favorite eggnog. Some people in my family won’t drink anything else at Christmas! You can ALWAYS get it at the Beachwood Market!

  2. I wish I could find anything at all by Broguieres somewhere in the Glendale/Mt. Washington/Eagle Rock/Silverlake/S. Pasadena area. Their milk is soooooo good.

    Anyone have any leads in these areas?

  3. Pieter, I’ve seen Broguiere’s milk being sold at Whole Foods. Is there a Whole Foods near you? I know for sure that there is one in Glendale on Glendale Boulevard.

    Hope that helps, and happy holidays! :)

  4. Thanks K. I should have thought to check that Whole Foods. It’s close enough too.

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  5. Thanks for the tip!! Been a big fan of their chocolate milk for a long time but didn’t know the egg nogg existed. Hit the Von’s just now. Bought two bottles. Had to discipline myself so that I wouldn’t attack before the groceries were properly put away.

    Poured myself about half a glass. I want to make this last you see. After the first big swig…I made a weird sound that was kind of like a long breathy “HOOO” with some kind of vibrato that came out of nowhere. The second gulp, finishing the glass off, was followed by a “OH MAAAN!!!”

    If you lived next door you would have sworn I was doing time with the new Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  6. Sweet Mother of all Eggnogs, this one is by far the best.

    Dare I mention they stock it from the week before Thanksgiving right on through Christmas at the Gelson’s at Hyperion near Rowena?

    Not before I’ve managed to secure a bottle for myself!

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