Sweatin’ Bullets (12/09/06): Lazy Saturday edition

DigLounge speculates the alleged Google glitch that misled Ruth666 may have also been partly to blame for the death of CNet writer James Kim.

Adam at LAist uncovers what may be a bit of deception on the part of Bristol-Meyer’s and their “Light A Candle” campaign. The drug company promised to donate $1 to AIDs charities for every click, and the information was spread via email worldwide… but the fine print limits their donations at 100,000…

Favorite headline of the week: Former Gubernatorial Candidate Sued By Fading Pop Star… Mariah Carey is suing porn star Mary Carey for having a similar sounding name. (source: Blogcabin California)

Caroline on Crack gives us the lowdown on car sharing service Flexcar.com.

Monty Heights is giddy about the groundbreaking for a new skate park in Highland Park.

CurbedLA warns us of a looming battle for federal money between the currently MTA Red Line expansion westward and the MTA Gold Line’s new interest in going as far as Ontario Airport.

3 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (12/09/06): Lazy Saturday edition”

  1. Um, I think the disclaimer on the Bristol-Myers website was pretty clear. In fact, I posted a comment in the blogging.la post about the site that mentioned that they had already reached the max donation level.

  2. I didn’t see the site before they’d reached the goal, but currently it takes some time and action before they mention the goal has been reached — enough time for anyone to see the ads on the site.

    Considering these emails are still being spread, and the number of lit candles has surpassed ONE MILLION, I don’t think its unreasonable to expect Bristol-Meyers to explain the goal has been reached on the front end.

    As is, when the text does appear, it begins by saying “Thank you for lighting a candle to support the fight against HIV/AIDS”… not show your support, but to support – anyone who clicked over would think their support meant having a dollar donated.

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