Go Climb A Rock In Arcadia

Last week was my friend’s birthday and it was decided that we would have a surprise party and go rock climbing. So that is how I found myself at Arcadia Rock Climbing, and indoor rock climbing gym in Arcadia, as the name suggests.

It is a big warehouse sized space with surrounded with climbing walls intended for a wide range of skill levels from beginner to advanced – those who can scale the 45 degree upside down slopes will have a good time here.

About a year ago I wanted to go rock climbing but could not find a good place to start, but now that I know about this place, I would suggest it as such.

3 thoughts on “Go Climb A Rock In Arcadia”

  1. I haven’t been there, but the YMCA in Torrance of all places has a decent rock climbing gym (nothing too challenging), and there’s a really good facility out in Manhattan Beach, too.

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